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Compact and rugged electronic ear protection for barely more than $30—that’s enough to sell these bad boys right there. But if you need another reason to love this deal on a pair of Walker’s Razor Slim Electronic Muffs, they’ve got more than 51,000 rave reviews on Amazon and an equally impressive specs list. 

In an ultra slim design, you get everything you want from ear protection. Sound-activated noise reduction kicks in in 0.002 seconds. Two hi-gain microphones amplify safe sounds through internal full dynamic range HD speakers. They’re a rugged pair of ear muffs, with a rubberized coating, and the recessed volume control knob makes them easy to use.

The sale does only apply to the black colorway—not much of a drawback, but something to consider. The Walker’s Razor Slim Electronic Muffs run on two AAA batteries, which come included in the package. All this for under $40 could be our favorite deal of the year on Amazon thus far. 

You only have a few more days to take advantage of the 50% off discount, so we recommend shopping sooner rather than later.