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As fall begins, it’s the perfect time to check that favorite tent of yours. If it’ll be a mess of ripped canvas or peeling nylon by season’s end, or if you’ve just been waiting for a good deal to grab a new tent, White Duck has got a great sale going on now through the end of the month. 

All of the brand’s canvas tents are $100 off through the end of September with the “TENTS100”  discount code. As with any tents you’ll get for hunting, they’re not cheap, but the sturdy duck canvas should last into the next decade if taken care of. Plus, it’s a blanket $100 off, so if you’re grabbing a smaller model for family camping, you’ll really feel that discount. 

All of White Duck’s tents are water repellent, and the larger models have the option of a fire repellent finish as well. Every tent is $100 off, so take the time to scroll through the full catalog, but here are some of our favorite options, as well. 

Regatta Bell Tent, 16-foot: $899.99 After Discount

Under $1,000 for a 16-foot diameter tent will leave you and your crew sleeping in luxury. For regular camping, you can sleep about eight. With hunting gear, we reckon you’d fit about four.

Alpha Wall Tent 12’x14’: $2,049.99 After Discount

For making camp, a wall tent is what you really want—the real epitome of backcountry luxury. This is one of White Duck’s smaller models, but it’s already on a bit of a discount so you can get some additional savings. 

Mini Regatta Bell Tent: $399.99 After Discount

To deviate from the hunting tents, the Mini Regatta would make a perfect luxury tent if you’ve got a small family. With two sleepers and a dog, a mini bell tent would make you a world more comfortable than crawling into any other tent of similar size. And at $399, it’s not much more expensive than those cheaper options.