duck breast

World-class chefs go out of their way to source duck fat to cook with in a confit. So when you clean your ducks, retain the fat and skin and you’ll notice incredibly enhanced flavors when the meat comes off the grill. Here’s one way to breast your ducks with the skin and fat left covering the meat, and one wing attached for legal transport.

First, pluck the breasts to where the skin covers the thin portions of meat over the side ribs. Rub the remaining down with the palm of your hand to remove. Using a propane torch, carefully singe any remaining small feathers or down off the skin.

Using a sharp knife, make an incision down the crest of the breast bone and fillet out the meat from over the bone plate and ribs, with fat and skin attached.

When complete, the entire breast will be removed and covered with a layer or fat and skin.

On one of the breasts, fillet the meat off the breast bone, bringing you to the wing joint. Instead of cutting up, maneuver your knife through the wing joint, leaving one fully feathered wing attached to the breast. Now it’s legal for transport.