How to Make a Knife Sheath From Buckskin

buckskin knife sheath how to
A D.I.Y. knife sheath is a great use of tanned deer hide.Levi Brown

You can use a tanned deer hide in many leathercraft projects, but few uses are better suited to showcasing the versatility of buckskin than a D.I.Y. sheath. You can make one for less than $15, and that even includes the gingerbread to take your sheath from run-of-the-mill to one-of-a-kind. You’ll need a few hours (and some strong hands) to complete this leatherwork.


  • 12x12-inch piece of supple buckskin
  • 6x8-inch piece of heavy rawhide
  • 20 yards artificial sinew
  • Glass beads, various sizes
  • Plastic beads, 3mm


buckskin knife sheath how to
Bucksin Knife Sheath How To: Step 1Illustration by Pete Sucheski

Step 1: Fold the rawhide in half and trim to the shape of your blade (A). Cut a 5x12-inch sheet from the buckskin (B) and lay it under the rawhide. Cut along the curve of the rawhide.

buckskin knife sheath how to
Buckskin Knife Sheath How To: Step 2Illustration by Pete Sucheski

Step 2: Slip 1⁄2 inch of the buckskin inside the fold of the rawhide. Use a sewing awl to punch three pairs of holes along the edge. With a carpet needle and sinew, stitch the buckskin flap into place.

buckskin knife sheath how to
Buckskin Knife Sheath How To: Step 3Illustration by Pete Sucheski

Step 3: Fold the leftover 7x12-inch piece of buckskin around the rawhide. Run four stitches through all five layers in the uppermost (open) corner. Pull the buckskin taut over the rawhide, and make two sets of stitches down and up. Next, tug the buckskin upward and sew around the mouth of the sheath. Trim the excess buckskin. Slice the buckskin flap into fringes.


Finishing Touch: Thread beads onto the sinew tag ends, tying a triple overhand knot to secure them. You can do the same on the fringes.
Quick Draw: Punch two holes through the top rear of the sheath. Thread a strand of rawhide lace, so you can tie it to your belt.