Whitetail Hunting photo

I admit, I don’t watch a whole lot of hunting shows on TV. (Actually, apart from recently re-discovering Northern Exposure on DVD, I’ve been watching less TV of late in general.) But I seem to be in the minority. In the 2007 Field & Stream Women Hunters Poll I keep referencing, 80% of respondents said they watched hunting shows on television.
Well, F&S recently got a press release on a new program. It’s called The Girls Outdoors, it premiered in August, and it’s scheduled for Saturdays at 6:30 a.m. EST on the Great American Country network. The creator/producer/host is Jennifer Wysocki, an all-around outdoorswoman who lives in Midway, Ga (talk about hunting and the workplace!).
I was curious, and emailed Jennifer to find out more about the show. Episodes feature professional guides, provide wild game recipes, give GPS coordinates for recommended hunting spots, and include excursions like dove hunting along the Rio Grande and bow fishing in the Louisiana Bayous. Here’s some of what Jennifer emailed back for the blog.
“It is time to get back outside! It is time for us to show our families how to enjoy nature. It is time to turn off our blackberry and excuse ourselves from our hectic schedules for one morning each Spring as we listen to nature wake up bird by bird—first the morning birds, then the owls cooing from the trees, followed by the crashing down of the turkeys as they leave their nest to come find us calling them from our blind. Then we can invite our family to join us for a turkey fry in our backyard!
We are women filled with beauty and grace and we love to smile! So ladies, let’s reinvent “bringing home the bacon.” Let’s get outside, get dirty, be beautiful, and have fun!”

So how about this show, if any of you have happened to catch it? Or, more to the point, how about hunting shows in general? Which ones do you like, and which are so obnoxious they make you fear for the future of the sport? And what do you think of the women out there hosting some of them? (Again, I’m not a frequent viewer, but names like Tiffany Lakosky of Scent-Lok’s Gettin’ Close come to mind.) I have to admit, the short segments of the few shows I’ve caught have been a bit of a turnoff—maybe I just haven’t sat down to the right programs yet? –K.H.