Dustin Huff’s giant Indiana crossbow buck–the largest typical whitetail killed in over a decade–is poised to assume the No. 2 all-time spot in the Boone & Crockett (B&C) record book. After a mandatory 60-day drying period, the towering 6X6 that Huff killed on November 4 was officially scored on January 5 and netted 211-4/8 inches. This score is three inches higher than the initial green net, and assuming that mark holds up during an inevitable panel scoring session, Huff’s buck will easily oust the legendary Jordan Buck (206-⅛) from second place, and take it’s spot behind the famous 213-5/8-inch Milo Hansen buck, taken in Saskatchewan in 1993, by a touch over 2 inches.

“I’m just in shock,” Huff told F&S after the scoring session. “The last two months have been an amazing period in my life, but Number Two in the world? Who’d have ever thought that would happen?”

Huff’s buck truly has everything it takes to score well as a typical. In addition to amazing symmetry, the buck is tall (both G2’s over 13 inches), massive (circumferences just shy of 7 inches) and long main beams (27 inches-plus). And while inside spread credit is just one score, it can sure add to the “wow” appeal of a rack, and the Huff Buck is certainly no slouch at 21-4/8 wide.

Maybe the coolest aspect of this world-class whitetail story is Huff’s obvious and continued enthusiasm over the deer. “You just couldn’t draw it up any better,” he said. “I’m hunting a farm right down the road from where I live; a property I’ve hunted since I was a boy. And I encounter this amazing buck I knew absolutely nothing about. Part of me wishes I’d had a Go-Pro on my hat to capture the whole thing. But the bigger part is being so grateful and happy that it’s just my memory of the most exciting three minutes of my life so far.”

We have not gotten official word yet, but with this new post-drying-period score, Huff’s bucks will almost certainly be a new state record and a new crossbow world record. We will continue to report on this developing story as a panel score looms and as more information comes in.