Missouri whitetail expert Chris Propst says he’d kind of got away from naming deer for awhile. Then he and his father, Whitetail Properties agent Jeff Propst, got tired of using three sentences to describe every buck on their farms. “So, when this 5-year-old buck we knew kept popping up on our cams, m dad said ‘We’re going to call him Bob Lee, because he’s a shooter, and that’s the name of the lead character in the movie Shooter.

Two hunters admire a big whitetail buck in a Missouri woodlot.
Chris Propst and his father, Jeff, admire the big nontypical. Chris Propst

The Propst’s were first aware of the buck two years ago, when he was a standout 10-point with forked G-2s. “We gave him a pass because of his potential,” Propst tells F&S. “And the next year he put on 50 inches, so that was a good call. My dad passed a shot on him even then, as did a neighbor. But when we saw his pics this year, we knew it was time to try for him. And we wanted to get him before the rut, if possible, because he is a roamer with a big home range.”

When a cold front came in on October 9th, Propst knew he had to try for the buck. “The farm is a mix of timber and farm fields, with small fingers or coves, where the field juts into the timber on a ridge. There’s a lot of damage to the corn there, with many of the stalks laying down. We got pics of the buck cutting across that finger and figured it was a good place to kill him. Dad and I film for Drury Outdoors, so I crawled into an elevated box blind with my camera man, and Bob Lee just read the script, coming in for a 30-yard shot.”

A Missouri hunter poses behind a 190-class whitetail buck in a field after dark.
Another look a Propst’s incredible buck. Chris Propst

Propst made the shot count and wan’t disappointed when walked up on the deer, which gross-scored 191 inches B&C. “It’s my biggest buck and I’m super proud of him,” Propst says. “If he had better mass, he’d go over 200 inches, but he’s a main-frame 7X7 with six abnormal tines, 25-inch beams, and a 16-⅞-inch inside spread. It’s just cool to have that kind of history with a buck and finally get the chance to tag him.”