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Let’s face it, a bow is only as good as the accessories it wears. But knowing what accessories are best for your rig can be a dizzying process. If you’re a whitetail hunter who spends every season 20 feet up and limits shots to 40 yards or less, you probably don’t want the same setup as someone who treks the backcountry out west. Regardless of what game you chase or how you prefer to chase it, the archery industry has drummed up a batch of innovative new accessories for 2022 that are sure to make your vertical bow just a little more deadly. Here’s a look at what caught our attention at this year’s Archery Trade Association Show. 

1) Garmin Xero A1i Pro

The Garmin Xero A1 iPro digital bow site.
Right at $1,000, the Xero A1 iPro isn’t cheap, but it will range targets and provide either a single or multi-pin display Garmin

Garmin’s new Xero A1i Pro is loaded with purposeful technology that’s a breeze to use via the sight’s four-button push design and a window that walks you through every part of the setup. Shooters can choose from single- or multi-pin configurations, and the simple press of a button mounted to the bow’s grip provides immediate range to the target. Pins are bright and concise with no halo effect, and pin brightness can be adjusted. For calibration, you’ll need to have arrow specs and perform a speed test, which can be done with a chronograph at our local pro shop.

2) QAD UltraRest Integrate XS

QAD UltraRest Integrate XS arrow rest.
QAD’s UltraRest Integrate XS ($199) is mounted via a dovetail slot machined into the bow’s riser to ensure a perfectly square setup. QAD

One trend we’ve seen in recent years is that Berger holes may be on their way out when it comes to mounting arrow rests, as several big-name bow manufacturers are using what’s called the Integrate Mounting System. This allows you to mount your rest to the back face of the riser via a dovetail design. For 2022, Integrate developer, QAD, has added the Integrate XS to its fine line of drop-away rests. Like the Integrate MX, the SX features a sleek and compact design, and the two-point locking system ensures proper leveling and a rock-solid hook-up to your bow. Horizontal and vertical adjustments are simple and precise.

3) TightSpot Shift Lock Quiver

The TightSpot Shift Lock bow quiver.
TightSpot’s adjustable Shift Lock quiver costs $219, and it’s equally at home in tight quarters and on wide-open western hunts. TightSpot

TightSpot’s Shift Lock is a highly-adjustable quiver that maximizes arrow security. When fully extended, it provides extra security for your arrows while you’re on the move. And when you climb into a less-than-roomy tree stand or spend the day grinding it out inside a ground blind, you’ll appreciate the quiver’s ability to become more compact. The Shift Lock has 9 inches of overall length adjustment. It can also be adjusted in and out and includes a noise-dampening hood.

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4) Trophy Ridge Digital React Trio Pin

Trophy Ridge Digital React Trio Pin bow sight.
This year Trophy Ridge is offering a digital version of their React sight for $379. Trophy Ridge

Trophy Ridge’s React Technology, which reduces sight-in time and boosts accuracy, is now being offered in a digital bow sight. The Digital React Trio lets you sight in one pin, input the verified speed of your arrow (from a chronograph), and have your bow sighted in from 20 to 100+ yards. You can also calibrate the sight without a chronograph by shooting at 20 and 30 yards and making the necessary adjustments. The backlit digital readout clearly displays yardages with a turn of the adjustment wheel. The Digital React Trio features three pins, two .19-inch horizontal pins and one .10-inch vertical pin. Trophy Ridge is also offering a single-pin Digital react with one .10-inch vertical pin. Other digital features like the ability to save up to five arrow profiles and numerous color and brightness options sweeten the pot. 

5) Redline RL-1 Carbon Stabilizer Series

Redline RL-1 Carbon Stabilizer.
Redline’s RL-1 Carbon Stabilizers will run between $59 and $74 depending on size. They are fully customizable to fit your needs. Redline

Finding the right stabilizer system for your bow is all about customization, and Redline, a new compound bow accessory maker, knows this. Their RL-1 Carbon Stabilizers come in 6-, 8-, 10-, and 12-inch lengths. They are fully customizable for weight, letting bowhunters test and tinker to find what’s right for their setup. Plus, if you add an offset mount to your bow, you can run one size of RL-1 out the front of the bow and add a different length stabilizer for your back bar.

6) Fuse AlphaStrike Series Quiver

The Fuse AlphaStrike XL quiver.
If you are in situations where you need to shoot with a quiver on, or prefer to, the Fuse AlphaStrike XL is for you. Fuse is offering the AlphaStrike at $139 and the AlphaStrike XL for $149. Fuse

Fuse’s AlphaStrike and AlphaStrike XL are both excellent quivers. They were built to hug a bow tightly for more balance when shooting with your quiver on and still detach quickly and quietly. The GearLock Quick-Detach provides a sure grip for tightening and loosening, and both quivers are compatible with right- or left-hand bows. The AlphaStrike hood sports a hang-up feature for tree stand hunters, and the XL promotes a more extended hood-to-gripper design for a rock-solid arrow hold.

7) Hamskea Epsilon

The Hamskea Epsilon bow arrow rest.
At $249 the Hamskea Epsilon is an extremely precise arrow rest. Hamskea

All Hamskea rests are highly tunable and offer spot-on accuracy. The Epsilon is their latest, limb-driven rest that allows cord mounting to the top or bottom limb. The rest can also be set up to rise and fall with the bow’s downward moving cable. The drop-away also features what the company is calling  C.O.R. (Center-Shot Optimized Rest) technology, which places the arrow directly behind the riser to create a lower profile. Hamskea is also offering a separate Mathews Bracket that will work with all 2020-or-newer Mathews bows. Micro-adjust windage and elevation are precise (.003 per click) via the Ball-Detent system. And a trio of stainless-steel bearings supports the carrier rod’s entire length.

8) Axcel Antler Ridge Stabilizers

The Axcel Antler Ridge Series of bow stabilizers.
Axcel’s Antler Ridge Series stabilizers are built for rock-solid shots. Price not available. Axcel

More and more bowhunters are seeing the value of quality stabilizers, and Axlcel’s new Antler Ridge series is all about quality. Axcel builds Antler Ridge stabilizers with layers of natural fiber overlaid with Ultra High Modulus Carbon (UHM) to boost stiffness and thwart noise and vibration. Engineered to work like an accordion, the stabilizer’s Krypto Arc vibration dampener is meant to remove Z-axis vibrations usually transmitted to the bow hand. These short hunting bars are a great choice for those who put a premium on keeping bow weight down and bow buzz to a minimum.

9) Black Gold Dual Trac

The Black Gold Dual Trac bow sight.
Fans of Black Gold’s Pro sight will appreciate the new Dual Trac. The cost will be around $389. Black Gold

Black Gold makes it a point to listen to customer feedback. Fans of Black Gold’s Pro sight, a design that reduces target obstruction and provides a super-defined aiming point, requested a quality single-pin option, and the company responded this year with the Dual Trac. It marries a single Pro pin with a second one set in a vertical position. The Dual Indicator System reduces time and the need to adjust for closer shots by providing a needle for shorter yardages directly over a second needle for long-range shooting. Built like a tank, the Dual Trac has micro-adjust windage and elevation and first- and second-axis micro-adjust. 

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10) Octane Octagon Pro IMS

The Octane Octagon Pro arrow rest.
The Octane Octagon Pro will run at $79 and is perfect for those who appreciate a fixed arrow rest. Octane

Some say full-containment, fixed-position rests no longer have a place in archery. But there’s something to be said for how easy they are to set up. They also provide exceptional accuracy for those who never plan to shoot beyond 60 yards. For 2022, Octane is offering bowhunters who prefer a fixed rest the Octagon Pro IMS. The Pro IMS is a brush-style fixed rest with a mounting system that attaches to the riser’s back face, virtually eliminating rest movement once secured. Tuning is easy and clear with laser-engraved reference marks for windage and elevation. The Octagon Pro IMS is offered in four colors, including Black, Red, Neon Green, and Light Purple.