This is just too good not to share. A video recently posted by ViralHog shows a big mule deer buck facing down a shoulder mount. The deer stands at the edge of a house and peers in at the shoulder mount—a nice buck by any hunter’s standards—through an open door. 

“This buck was tending a doe around my yard when he spotted my mounted deer inside the sliding glass door,” explains the videographer, whose identity has not been publicly disclosed. “He marched over and started flexing, looking for a fight to defend his doe.”

The footage, which lasts just 12 seconds, shows the live mule deer standing nervously at the door, shaking its head as it peers over at the shoulder mount. “I don’t think that’s a good idea, buddy,” a man can be heard saying in the background. The video ends with the deer still standing in the doorway, apparently baffled by the situation. 

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According to ViralHog, the video was originally recorded in November 2021. It’s far from the first time a rutting buck has been videotaped trying to pick a fight it could never win. Here are three other videos of hormone-crazed bucks attempting to fight things other than a live deer.

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