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Broadheads get a lot of attention at the annual Archery Trade Association Show. Of course, any head fired through the heart or lungs of a broadside critter will get the job done. So you might wonder what all the is fuss about? Why do so many bowhunters study and test different models and obsess over which head to hunt with. Well, for one thing, all the hard work we do as hunters—the scouting and shooting and stalking and stand-hanging—ultimately rides on the business end of our arrows and bolts. If one head offers even a slight advantage, if it’s even a little more reliable or accurate downrange, we want it. Also, we don’t always make perfect shots. A really well-designed broadhead can save your bacon on sub-par hits and put you on a blood trails that lead to your next trophy, even when you weren’t at your best. So, how do you make your choice?

First, you need to know what’s out there, and what heads folks are talking about. That’s where this roundup comes in. Ultimately, you should spend the money to get several different broadheads and do some testing to find out what you like best. A broadhead must prove itself in practice before it earns a place in your quiver. This list of the 8 hottest new broadheads released at the 2022 ATA should help you narrow it down.

1. SEVR Titanium 2.0

photo of SEVR Titanium broadhead
SEVR’s new Ti 2.0 will retail for about $14 per head. SEVR

SEVR’s popularity with the mechanical crowd has been growing over the years, and the manufacturer’s drive to improve already excellent products is a big reason for this. In 2021, the company reduced the Ti 2.1’s cutting diameter from 2.1 to 2.0 inches. Why? To give bowhunters 15 percent more penetration via less friction and a redesigned deployment-arm geometry. For 2022, the Ti 2.0 is now fitted with an improved chisel tip to boost broadhead strength on impact and to help the head drive even deeper into game. Popular features like SEVR’s patented rear-deploy, locking-and-pivoting blade technology, and Practice Mode are still included.

2. NAP Endgame

photo of NAP archery broadhead
NAP’s new Endgame goes for about $55 for a pack of three heads plus a spare set of practice blades. NAP

Makers of fixed, mechanical, and hybrid heads, NAP has become trusted name in broadheads because the company given us some of the best heads of all time in each category. Their latest is the Endgame. Spin-tested to ensure optimal flight performance, this fixed-blade is fitted with a pair of blades that create a cutting diameter of 1-3/16 inches. The huge Bone Breaker point is sharp, rugged, and paves the way for the duo of .031-inch-thick blades. Each pack of three heads comes with a spare set of blades, which are great for practice sessions.

3. G5 Deadmeat V2

photo of G5 Deadmeat broadhead
The G5 Deadmeat V2 will retail for just shy of $50 for a 3 pack. G5

The V2 is the latest addition to G5’s Deadmeat family of broadheads, and much like the original, this three-blade mechanical promises precision flight and great blood trails. G5 is known for making well-crafted, tough products, and this head’s all-steel construction will help it punch through bone and heavy tissue without falling apart. Cutting diameter is 1.5 inches, which is big enough to create gaping holes but not so large that it robs too much energy on impact. Deadmeat V2s come with a Ballistic Matched Point practice head that mirrors the specs of the actual broadhead to enhance practice sessions, and the V2 is available in 100- and 125-grain options. A Deadmeat V2 Crossbow head is also available.

4. Iron Will Left-Rotating Single Bevel

photo of Iron Will broadhead
Iron Will’s latest high-quality fixed head will go for between roughly $110 and $120 per three. Iron Will

A hot name in the fixed-blade broadhead world, Iron Will is known for going the extra mile to ensure maximum fixed-blade accuracy and overall performance. For 2022, they’ve created a Single Bevel Left-Rotating broadhead. The biggest reason for the design is precision. Bowhunters that shoot a left-rotating arrow need a matching left-rotating broadhead to ensure the head holds tight to the arrow through the shot and as it makes its way through flesh and bone. Engineered with industry-leading tolerances, tried-and-true A2 Tool Steel blades, and a bulletproof ferrule, this head is available in numerous grain options between 125 and 150. They aren’t cheap, but they are extremely tough and reusable. $109.95-12.95 3 pack;

5. Dead Ringer Super Freak Extreme

photo of Dead Ringer broadhead packaging
Dead Ringer’s new Super Freak Extreme sells for about $45 for a 3 pack. Dead Ringer

Dead Ringer new Super Freak Extreme should indeed be a devastating head for medium-to-close-range shots on pronghorn and deer, as well as spring gobblers. The 100-grain mechanical has a massive cutting diameter of 2¾ inches. The ferrule is aircraft-grade aluminum with a trocar tip, and the stainless spring-steel blades have a thickness of .032 inch. They are also hand-sharpened for the keenest edge.

6. SYKD Hunt Endurance

photo of SYKD archery broadhead
Hunt Endurance fixed-blade heads retail for about $30 for three. SYKD

Made to be shot from horizontal or vertical bows, SYKD’s new Hunt Endurance three-blade, all-steel fixed head was crafted to guarantee exceptional flight, bone-crushing penetration, and provide maximum durability. The replaceable blades are super sharp and lock into place from the front end to ensure blades will not rattle or move in flight or when driving through a big-game critter. These heads are comparatively inexpensive and yet they’re designed to last; shoot an animal, replace the blades, and you’re good to go again.

7. Tooth of the Arrow S-Series

photo of Tooth of the Arrow archery broadhead
The S-Series from Tooth of the Arrow retails for between $$45 and $50 for a pack of three. Tooth of the Arrow

Tooth of the Arrow is gaining a reputation for making high-quality, tough, reliable fixed-blade heads. Fully machined and heat-treated, the all-steel S-Series is new for 2022. It’s a 4-blade fixed head available in 1-inch and 1-3/16-inch options with grain weights ranging from 100 to 175 gains. The S-Series is worth a test drive if you’re a fixed-blade lover.

8. Wasp Z-Force

photo of Wasp broadhead
The new Z-Force goes for just $30 for three. Wasp

It looks like a little laser-guided missile and early reports suggest that it performs like one too. A 100-grain mechanical broadhead made with a unique ball-bearing system that ensures precision blade deployment, the Z-Force cuts a 1-5/8-inch hole, and the surgical-sharp blades work in tandem with the solid-steel ferrule to improve overall performance and toughness. The price is easy on the wallet, too.

Bonus Review: Ramcat EZ Out Field Points

photo of Ramcat field points
EZ Outs go for about $9 for a pack of 12. Ramcat

No, this one isn’t a broadhead, but still worth mentioning. We don’t see a lot of innovation in the field-point arena, so it’s refreshing to see a broadhead maker put some emphasis on it. Ramcat’s new EZ Out Field Points are designed to create holes slightly larger than the arrow shaft, making arrow removal from bag and foam targets that much easier. When field points hang up in a bag or get so stuck in your foam block or 3D target that you have to turn the thing on its side and stand on top of it and pull with all your might, frustration starts to build, and you practice less. This design prevents both, and an advanced O-ring aligns the point with the arrow shaft to boost accuracy. The O-ring also helps the head hold tight to the shaft between shots. EZ Out Field Points are available in multiple sizes in 100- and 125-grain options.