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You’ve probably been there, done that. You parked your camper on an unlevel campsite and didn’t take the time to get it level before nightfall. Now forced to sleep on a slope, you can’t avoid constantly sliding to the other side of the bed. The result is a restless night. A good set of leveling jacks can help alleviate that problem, resulting in peace of mind and a good night’s sleep. Yet all camper leveling tools are not created equal. To make a good selection when shopping for camper leveling jacks, consider three types of products available to help level your trailer—scissor jacks, stack jacks and leveling blocks.

Scissor Jacks

These stabilizing scissor jacks extend to nearly 24 inches and have a load capacity of 7,500 pounds. Eaz-Lift

Scissor-type camper leveler jacks are very similar to the scissor jack you carry in your car in case you have a flat tire. They are quite simple in design and function. A small crank is connected to the scissor jack. When turned, it turns the screw section within the jack. That, in turn, moves the two ends of the jack closer together, pushing the arms upward. When closing, simply screw it the other way, the arms spread apart and the jack flattens out for storage. Scissor jacks are very versatile for leveling campers and other trailers because they have infinite adjustment. That means you can get them at exactly the right height to ensure your camper is perfectly level—and that you sleep on your side of the bed.

Stack Jacks

These stack jacks, available in a 4-pack, extend from 11 to 17 inches. Cynder

Stack jacks perform the same function as scissor jacks but accomplish those similar results in a much different manner. To use a stack jack, simply place it under the area of the camper you want to lift and turn the handle around until you make contact. Continue turning it until you get to the desired height. Then screw the securing nut down against the jack stand. Not only do stack jacks help level your camper, they also are great tools for stabilizing your trailer. When placed at strategic locations underneath a camper, they support the floor and keep movement inside the RV from rocking it back and forth.

Leveling Blocks

The 10 interlocking blocks in this kit stack to the desired height for safe and easy leveling. Camco

Leveling blocks are almost too simple, yet are very effective at leveling a camper or RV. Also called jack pads, stacker blocks or levelers, a well-designed set of blocks will level your trailer quickly and efficiently. To use them, simply stack however many blocks you need to raise your trailer to the desired level, creating a ramp shape with them. Then back your camper up on the blocks. Once there, you can leave your trailer on the blocks until you are ready to break camp. Leveling blocks even work well on soft surfaces, a condition for which most jacks aren’t well suited. Block are also commonly used to place under jacks to keep them from sinking into soft dirt when raised.