A couple of days outdoors does a tremendous job of refreshing your soul. But your body may not feel so refreshed if there’s no indoor plumbing around while you’re out there. That grimy feeling you get when you don’t shower after getting sweated up or muddy or covered with sand and salt can make the whole experience much less satisfying. And then there’s the proximity of everyone else who hasn’t bathed in a while.

A portable shower can make everything right. Here are three kinds to consider if you’re in the market for staying clean when you’re camping.


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You place the pump end in a bucket or tub full of water, turn it on, and water comes out of the shower head. It’s that simple. These are convenient if you’ll be on the move all day and can access water and heat it, if necessary, where you’ll be showering. Plus, they’re lightweight and inexpensive.

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A good solar shower will heat up water in a couple of hours if the conditions are right. If the shower has a temperature gauge, you’ll be able to tell when the water is warm enough for use. Solar showers are perfect for beach trips or if you’ll be staying at one campsite in a sunny location. These are also inexpensive. You’ll need to hang the bag to operate the shower because these are gravity-operated.

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You will need to bring a tank of propane, but as long as you have a water source, you and your companions will be able to take warm showers for as long as the water and propane lasts.


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An on-demand hot-water supply costs more than battery-operated and solar showers, but they’re well worth the cost if you’ll be in close quarters with lots of other stinky people.