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Duck season is in full swing across the country. Ponds are freezing up, and cold fronts are pushing birds down from the North. While most waterfowlers’ decoy spreads are set with a precise number of floaters, full-bodies, and socks, there is always room for more motion decoys.

Bringing your spread to life—whether it be with spinners, ripplers, or any other type of motion—can make a significant difference. These small additions transform a dead spread into a lively one. With the holiday season upon us, there’s no better time to make some mojo to your decoy spread than with these killer (but limited!) deals from Mojo.

Deals on MOJO Elite Series Spinners

MOJO Outdoors Elite Series Pintail Duck Waterfowl Hunting Decoy $57 (was $90)

This Pintail spinner from MOJO is built with the same design we’ve come to expect from the company over the years. The battery and working components are stored in the body housing and it runs on 4 AA batteries. The detailed paint scheme is what separates this lifelike spinner. Hunters who target pintails will find this decoy extremely useful.

Mojo Outdoor Elite Series Mini Mallard Hen Waterfowl Duck Decoy $52 (was $90)

Almost every decoy spread I see includes a drake mallard spinner. It’s rare to see a hen spinner in a spread, but a very smart move. Diversity is key in many areas and this MOJO Mallard Hen provides just that. The smaller design allows for easier packing and is especially beneficial to hunters who walk into their duck hole.

Mojo Outdoors Elite Series Mini Mallard Waterfowl Spinning Wing Decoy $60 (was $78)

The matching half to the Mini Hen is the Mini Drake. Like the hen version, this compact spinner makes for easier transportation and storage. The paint scheme is extremely realistic and durable. The rubber feet are a nice addition that gives the decoy even more realism.

MOJO Outdoors Elite Series Green Wing Teal Waterfowl Spinning Wing Decoy $50 (was $80)

Early teal season is over but this decoy is a great way to add more motion to your spread at a cheap price. Weighing only 2 pounds, this Green Wing spinner is an awesome addition to any duck hunter’s spread. The small size is the most appealing aspect in addition to its versatility. Use this motion decoy from early September teal season into late winter months.

MOJO Outdoors Elite Series Spoonzilla Shoveler $54 (was $90)

The Spoonzilla might be one of the most fun decoys on the market and it will definitely turn some heads at duck camp. The overemphasized bill is the unique feature of this spinner and it plays homage to where shovelers get their nickname—spoonbills. It has the same construction as a typical MOJO spinner and the remote is sold separately.

Deals on MOJO Rippler Decoys

MOJO Outdoors Mojo Rippler Floating Motion Mallard Drake $28 (was $40)

One of the best ways to make your decoy spread more lifelike is by adding motion on the water. Real ducks move, swim, and feed which creates ripples in the water. The MOJO Rippler helps imitate this idea by sending small ripples throughout the spread. This helps give birds confidence from up above. It runs on 4 AA batteries and is secured in the screw-lock housing.