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One of our favorite cellular trail cameras, and one of the best bargains in the world of cellular trail cams, is on sale at Cabela’s right now. You can grab the Tactacam Reveal X  on sale for only $99.97. Tactacam raised some eyebrows with the price of the original Reveal, not even mentioning this sale price, and over time the Reveal has become known as one of the best bargains in cellular trail cams. At $100, good luck trying to find much competition. 

The camera connects to the company’s app, allowing for simple setup. It can be bought with Verizon or AT&T LTE service, so you can choose based on what’s most reliable where you’re setting up. Plus, you can find plan details and coverage charts on Tactacam’s website. Once you’re connected, the Reveal X will take crisp greyscale images at night and rich color images in daylight. Your mobile device will get a ping with thumbnails, where you can download hi-res versions, if you so wish, and they’ll be organized into folders on the Tactacam app. 

The Reveal X might not outperform other bigger budget cams, but at $100 there is simply no competition. You get everything you’ll need — fast trigger, 96-foot range, and IP66 waterproof certification — in a trail cam. Plus, the Reveal X comes with some nice user-friendly touches, like LED indicator of battery life and signal strength, and the ability to connect a solar panel power source. If you’re not running on solar rays, it takes 12 AA batteries, and it can handle standard SD cards up to 32GB