Moms will do anything for their kids, and in South Florida, that might mean helping your son drag a python out from under a car. This video actually made the rounds on TikTok during Thanksgiving, but with it being Christmas Eve and all, we’re offering it as a little gift to brighten the holiday for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet.

The son in question is python hunter Mike Kimmel, who is known as the Python Cowboy to his social media followers. The mom, Kimmel’s mother, is wearing an apron and flip flops, as if she’d just been in the kitchen working on the holiday feast when the Python Cowboy yelled—and I’m only guessing here, though I think it’s a fairly common phrase in South Florida—”Mom, can you come grab this snake?!”

The serpent is a good-size python that, according to the description on the YouTube version, Kimmel was going to euthanize for Thanksgiving dinner when it escaped and slithered under his mother’s car. That’s when the fun begins. Kimmel shared the 29-second viral clip below, in which his mother is seen pulling the python’s tail while he works the serpent’s head through the tire.

If you watch the video multiple times, like I just did, you’ll find it’s a gift that keeps on giving. One of the first things you learn is that Mom’s hands are greasy. Maybe she was baking pies with Crisco. Then a man says “Get Gina out here,” which makes you wonder who Gina is. Kimmel’s grandmother maybe. Then Mom says something about intestines and the man who wants Gina to help notices that the snake is “pissing everywhere” as Kimmel works the head free and Mom pulls the beast out from under the car.

To his credit, Kimmel gives praise where it’s due. “Nice job, Mom! You’re a frickin’ natural!” Now it’s subtle, but if you look closely you’ll see a brief moment when Mom tilts her head in a gesture that almost says, “Well, yeah.” Finally, in the very last second of the video, the man (Kimmel’s dad?) appears in the scene looking perfectly capable of pulling on a python’s tail but was apparently more than happy to let Mom—or Gina—do it.

We thought about calling the Python Cowboy to find out exactly how this all went down but decided that you’d have more fun guessing. Enjoy.