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Favorite #1: Alisha Eskew, Fort Collins, CO: “My dad takes our whole family hunting for Merriam’s turkeys every spring in Nebraska. We all love it, even though we have to get up at 4 each morning. It is one of the highlights of our spring. We all stalked this gobbler together in the blowing snow, but the frigid wind drove all of us back to the truck except Dad. He pressed on and made a 30-yard shot. We all screamed when we saw him climb out of the creekbed carrying that old tom over his shoulder. In the photo left to right is: me, Alisha Eskew, 12; my mom, Carrie Eskew, 44; my dad, Lane Eskew, 44; and my sister Hannah Eskew, 15.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Favorite #2: Kyle Nebrig, Austin, TX: “This is Meghan, who is three years old, and it was her first fishing trip ever. We were fishing on the Guadalupe River, and this was the biggest fish of the day.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Favorite #3: Danielle Lofquist, Belvidere, IL: “My dad and I were fishing for smallmouth bass in a northwestern Wisconsin lake last summer. We go up to the lake every summer, and he and I go out every morning hoping to catch a few smallies. We both look forward to the time we are able to spend together fishing.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Favorite #4: Aaron Ambur, Sidney, NE: “Since I was a very small kid (now I am in my mid-30s), my father and I have always gone fishing on Father’s Day weekend. Even though I now live 350 miles away, I still make it back to chase walleyes on the Missouri River. This was Father’s Day weekend 2007; my dad was giving my kids instructions on what a ‘bite’ looks like.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Favorite #5: Steven Hunter, Livermore, CA: “This is my dad shooting his Remington 870 pheasant gun at a three-gun shoot. I love this photo with the empty shell in the air and the smoke in the action.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Philip Henderson Jr., Titusville, PA: “My father, Philip Henderson Sr., is teaching his foster-grandson Timmy, age 10, how to fish for trout.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Sylvia Gams, Cowley, WY: “Grandpa Gams promised Desirae a fishing trip if she showed her horse at the county fair. She did and got to go fishing. Notice the fishing poles and spurs! Cowboy fishing.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Beverly C. Smith, Browns, AL: “This is a picture of my daddy and I in South Africa with his eland he shot last summer. He was walking towards us with another bull when the first shot hit him in the chest. The bulls ran straight towards us. My daddy shot him four times with his .458 H&H; Win. Mag. Model 70. The fourth shot dropped him in his tracks…which by now was right in front of us! Eland are tough animals.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Lauren Christensen, Minneapolis, MN: “My dad, Daniel Christensen, caught this bluegill during a long day where the main action was bowfishing for carp. Although at about 8.5 inches it’s a pretty nice size for a bluegill, it looked quite small after a day catching fat carp!” Field & Stream Online Editors
Gary Francisco, Wilmington, NC: “My dad got my son a rod and reel for Christmas and as soon as the weather was warm enough, we headed out. This was my son’s first time fishing. He caught a bunch of young largemouth bass and bluegills.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Owen Rice, North Conway, NH: “My father and I have been hunting together for 19 years. This photo was taken while deer hunting in the Adirondacks in November of 2006.” Field & Stream Online Editors
David Lee Lutze, Cleveland, WI: “This is a picture of my dad and I with a late-March catch of brown trout from Lake Michigan. It was cold out there. He is not only the greatest dad a guy could ask for, he is also an excellent fishing buddy.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Tim Winkler, Potosi, Wisconsin: “My Dad and I have been hunting deer together for over 35 years!” Field & Stream Online Editors
Lee Bouldin, Cullman, AL: “This is my Dad, my brother, and me taking a quick breather during a backpacking trip at Rocky Mountain National Park in July 06.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Drew Eldridge, Chattanooga, TN: “We bought Samuel a Superman rod to keep his mind off his newborn sister. This 2-pound largemouth gave him quite a fight. This was his first real solo catch, and a proud moment for his Dad.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Eric Hastings, Newport Center, VT: “This is my father and I in Kodiak, Alaska, waiting for the ride to our cabin. We spent a week fishing and deer hunting and just enjoying the scenery. The only problem now is that we have to come up with the money to go again!” Field & Stream Online Editors
Betsy King, Southfield, MI: “This is my husband and our son just a few weeks after he was born. My husband says you have to start them young and would have taken the baby with him in the tree stand if I would have let him.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Steve Parre, Oxford, PA: “I snapped this photo of my daughter enjoying a day in her layout blind waiting on geese. She is not old enough to hunt yet but enjoys the outdoors and is a great fishing partner as well, often outfishing the old man!” Field & Stream Online Editors
Drew Eldridge, Chattanooga, TN: “Samuel reeled in this brim all by himself. But I think his favorite part was gripping it by the belly and tossing it almost back into the water.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Matthew Lutze, Cleveland, WI: “My dad and I were trolling spoons on Lake Michigan right off of Whistling Straits, a world-class golf course. He hooked this world-class rainbow trout. Because of him, I am following my dream of becoming a charter boat captain.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Torin Miller, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania: “It was a rainy Monday morning. This turkey had already stumped us once, but we got a second chance. It had a 10 1/2-inch beard and weighed 21 pounds.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Jason Ramsdell, Flandreau, SD: “My father, Scott, and I go on an annual fishing trip to northern Canada. Here is a photo of the fish that won him the ‘largest fish’ bet between us–a 41-inch pike.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Robert Mowery, Caryville, TN: “Just two years ago, at age 74, my father, Erb Mowery, decided to walk all the trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Kowana Luci, New York City: “This is a picture of my husband and my boys going fishing in the Azores. He’s an avid fisherman that go skunked more times than he could count, but he never gave up.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Whitney Troutman, First Class Cadet, USCGA; Whiteford, MD: “This is my dad sharing with my little brother one of his truest passions.” Field & Stream Online Editors
David Eninger, Crescent City, CA: “My dad took me to Iowa to visit our family and thought it would be fun to take me pheasant hunting while we were there. We managed to get six that day. This is a picture of me sitting next to dad (in the dorky hat) on the tailgate of a truck, holding the best one of the day (which I think he shot, but he credited it to me anyways).” Field & Stream Online Editors
Michael Vedders, Milaca, MN: “A few years ago I took my father muskie fishing. He caught a 52-incher and is hooked. There aren’t many things this life can offer that beat spending time on the water with your father.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Kelly Hanson, Warren, MN: “This is a picture of my dad and I on a canoe trip in northern Ontario.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Scott Lodge, Toledo, OH: “This is my son, my father, and me with my 2006 buck. My son has become my good-luck hunting partner. My dad lives out of state and is not a hunter, but he comes to camp each year to share our passion for the chase and camaraderie around the camp stove.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Neal Loftin, Troutman, NC: “My dad’s first sailfish on our dream trip to Guatemala. Check out that smile: priceless.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Ryan Boudreaux, Buna, TX: “My son Toby and I were fishing off Mesquite Point in Port Arthur, Texas. We caught this massive 48-pound Black Drum.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Chris Carpenter, Granby, MO: “This picture was taken I don’t know when, at a customer’s house north of Granby. My dad was a landscaper at the time, and we where taking a break from our hard work. The fish weighed around 7 1/2 to 8 pounds.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Sam Fletcher, Vandergrift, PA: “This is my dad, Bob Fletcher, and I setting up for an afternoon surf fishing at Hatteras Inlet in North Carolina.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Jim Schulz, Davenport, IA: “This is me in the middle, plus my dad Tom and my son Trevor, age 14, at Lake Miami in southern Iowa during last January’s special antlerless rifle season.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Nicole Ulke, Missouri City, TX: “My husband Jerry and my 6-year-old daugher Emilee were fishing at SeaWolf Park in Galveston, and my daughter was the only one catching fish.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Michael J Boyles, Clarion, PA: “This was my son Marcus’s first hunting trip, with my father, in November 2003. The temperature was 19 degrees, and they stayed out all day.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Ron Johnson, Strongsville, OH: “I had promised my grandchildren to take them fishing when they came to visit on Father’s Day. We only caught a few bluegills, but it was the best day of my life.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Craig Porzondek, Gaylord, MI: “Alex and Dad are at Disney World. Does Alex want to go to the Magic Kingdom? No. Animal Kingdom? No. MGM Studios? No. Epcot Center? No, no, no! Alex wants to go fishing in the resort’s pond! That’s my boy!¿ Field & Stream Online Editors
Jeff Wright, Cinnaminson, NJ: “Fishing with the kids on Father’s Day last year.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Matthew Mesa, Vista, CA: “This is a picture of my dad, Dean, and I fishing off the coast of Oceanside, California. My father, Dean, is holding one of several barracuda caught that day.” Field & Stream Online Editors
David Call, Bangor, ME: “I was drawn for a Moose permit here in Maine. It was the second time I had been drawn so I gave the tag to my dad for Father’s Day in 2004. As you can see he made a good shot.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Kowana Luci, New York City: “My Dad lives in the Bronx. He came to visit us while we were stationed in the Azores. We took him deep sea fishing.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Stephen L. Dearing IV, White Hall, IL: “In 2007, my dad, brother, myself, and some friends all traveled north for walleye fishing in Canada.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Ty Robinson, Missoula, MT: “This is me and my daughter smelting for pike on the Flathead River. She just turned two and takes her fishing pole to bed instead of a teddy bear.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Janey Janousek, Nisswa, MN: “I went out to help my daddy track down this doe! She was sleeping when we found her. She tastes good though.” Field & Stream Online Editors