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pheasant breast
Breast a bird like a pro. Dale Spartas

Looking for a quick and easy way to dress your grouse, woodcock, or quail? Forget a knife and use your hands and your feet, and you can breast them in less than 10 seconds without even getting your hands bloody. Just remember: If you dress your birds in the field, most states require leaving one feathered wing attached for identification purposes. Now, let’s get started.

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Ground Work: Place the gamebird on the ground on its back. The bird’s head should face away from you. Step on the wings, getting your feet close to the body—right where the wing meets the rib cage. Then, grab the legs and lift straight up.

Inside (Out) Job: A slow and steady pull turns the bird inside out and removes all skin, feathers, head, and entrails—leaving only the breast and the wings. Twist the wings counterclockwise to remove. Then wash the breast meat, and fire up the grill.