One of the biggest issues hunters have with cellular trail cameras is with false triggers. You know what we’re talking about, too. You set up a camera in a location that you are hopeful for and set the cellular camera to send you as many pictures as it can take. Then you eagerly await the notifications, only to be bombarded with images of a branch that is wiggling due to a slight breeze. Your eyes glaze over after a while while you hope to see something other than that stupid branch. It gets really frustrating and many hunters skim over images so fast because of these false triggers that some great deer pictures get missed. Moultrie Mobile is flipping that script this season with the new Edge Pro camera that uses False Trigger Elimination technology.

False trigger what?

Moultrie Mobile Flips the Script with the New EDGE Pro Camera

The big news is Moultrie Mobile’s False Trigger Elimination Technology that reduces non-target species and environmental triggers by over 95 percent. Think about that for a moment—95 percent. That is a pretty bold claim. How do they do it? We’re glad you asked. The Edge Pro uses Smart Zones that let you filter out image triggers that come from branches, brush, or other non-game related movement, and it combines with new Smart Capture programming that only sends you images of species you specify. It is the next-level technology that can change your entire season.

To simplify the idea, the Moultrie Mobile Edge Pro camera only takes pictures or video where you tell it to, and of what you tell it to capture, all customizable in the Moultrie Mobile app. In other words, the camera is smart enough that it eliminates those pictures that are a waste of your time, energy, and money. How it works is both simple and genius at the same time.

The area your camera covers is broken into zones, and you can tell the camera to basically ignore small amounts of movement in certain zones. This means that the branch that is visible in the lower left quadrant of the image won’t trigger the camera 100 times whenever the wind blows a little. Not only does that save you time, but also battery life.

You can also instruct the camera through the app to focus on larger movements, like when a deer walks past the camera. Species differentiation helps you target and organize your images, letting you focus on the task at hand. This is really important when you are running multiple cameras and are trying to keep track of specific animal movements for time, season, and management.

But what about the camera?

Moultrie Mobile Flips the Script with the New EDGE Pro Camera

A trail camera has to be high quality these days. That’s why Moultrie Mobile really put the time into the Edge Pro. Calling it a “pro” isn’t a marketing gimmick. You get professional-level performance from the camera with up to 36-megapixel images and 1080p FHD video with HD audio capability. And let me tell you, if you’re not using your trail camera’s video capacity, you’re missing out. There is no better way to see how the animals are interacting with each other than with video. It is one of the best ways to know exactly when the rut is taking place. Plus, who doesn’t like watching deer videos?

Night vision is enhanced with the Edge Pro, too. Moultrie Mobile added Nyxel NIR technology to improve the overall quality of your low-light images. It uses a no-glo infrared flash that doesn’t spook game. You have 100 feet of detection and IR flash range and a .05-second trigger speed, so day or night. It all means that nothing is getting by the Edge Pro.

There is also no need for an SD card, as the Moultrie Mobile Edge Pro has built-in memory. You also don’t have to worry about SIM cards or anything like that. The Edge Pro uses whichever cellular carrier has the strongest signal, so the days of needing to match your trail camera to your cellular phone company are gone. You simply set up the mobile app on your phone, select your service plan, and get started seeing everything you want to see on the trail. The fold-flat CellBoost antenna draws in even the weakest signals, giving you increased connectivity wherever you are. Get the Moultrie Mobile Edge Pro trail camera and flip the script of your hunting game plan. The camera and the app will have a tremendously positive effect on your season.