Trail cameras revolutionized the way we hunt. That fact is not a secret. It used to be that you would go out, get the film from the camera, pay to have it developed and find that you had a bunch of pictures of a squirrel running around. Digital cameras opened things up with bigger memory cards and better, faster cameras. Then cellular cameras turned things around even further, allowing you to get instant access to images from wherever you were. Each one of these advancements was a milestone for hunters looking for the information edge. Moultrie Mobile has achieved a new milestone with the new Edge cellular trail camera and app. Providing a wealth of information and up-to-the-minute data, Moultrie Mobile has created a game changer.

Flexibility and value

The Edge cellular camera is, in itself, amazing. For less than $100, you get a camera that operates off any cellular signal, not just one specific carrier. This camera selects the strongest signal in the area, making it easier to get the images you want in the location you want. It is the most user-friendly camera to date and lets you hunt for everything but a cell signal.

This powerhouse camera has a 40-degree field of view and enhanced trigger for greater accuracy out to 80 feet. As they say, “but wait, there’s more.” The Edge camera gives you 33MP images and 720p HD video with full audio. What’s even better is, the camera has an internal memory and requires no external SD cards. This removes yet another hassle. The camera has flexible power options, too, operating on 8, or 16 AA batteries (alkaline or lithium) for extended battery life. It is compatible with Moultrie’s 12V external battery box, 12V solar panel and 12V dual-solar panel battery box, as well.

There’s an app for that

The Edge camera is only half the story, though. The Moultrie Mobile hunting and scouting app takes things even further than you expect. You can take a free demo of the app and get unlimited plans as low as $7.99 per month when adding multiple cameras to a single Pro Series plan. The annual plans offer more dollar savings for year-round use, which is a huge bonus to year-round management planning. Even better, there is free unlimited cloud storage. That’s right. There is no purging of images after 30 days like some other plans.

The app not only organizes your incoming images and video, but it also sorts and tags your images as well. Watching for a specific buck? Tag it and get alerts when it comes into view. Moultrie Mobile Smart Tags let you track and tag bucks, does, turkey, coyotes, hogs, bear, bobcats, people, and vehicles, and sorts them with advanced image filtering and customized alerts. This lets you get a first-hand look into where the most game animal traffic is going, when the animals are going through and what they are doing. It’s not just game either, as you can track who is going through your hunting property as well.

Sophisticated mapping overlays let you map out exactly where everything is on your property, too. This helps with management and stand placement, as well as food plot planning and movement charting. One of my favorite food plot camera tactics is to have one camera taking images, and another taking video. This gives me a solid record of which animals are coming in, where they are coming in from and how they are acting and reacting while on the food plot. The Moultrie Mobile app makes viewing and organizing this information easier than ever. 

Weather info

One of the most important tools to your hunting knowledge is an accurate weather forecast. Wind direction and weather data is vital to selecting a stand location for a day’s hunt. The Moultrie Mobile app has an integrated weather data function that not only gives you an up-to-date weather forecast, but shows you wind direction and sunrise and sunsets times, too. The app also pulls in weather and moon data from each image that is uploaded and will show peak game movement based on temperature, time of day and moon phase. This kind of data is extremely valuable for planning your hunt, giving you the edge.

The bottom line

The Moultrie Mobile Edge cellular camera and app may well be the best value you will find this hunting season. You get a great camera that doesn’t require a specific cellular data plan to work, high-resolution images and video, and access to an app that collects and organizes those images and video and adds data and weather information. The end result is the most advanced management tool you can have for your hunting activities.