Outdoor enthusiasts from anglers to hunters and more have been using UTVs to make the most of their time spent outside. For those wanting a perfect blend of performance and function, there is a new, quieter option. Up until the Volcon Stag’s unveiling, performance always came at a cost—noise. A bigger engine and more horsepower invariably comes with an amount of engine noise. The all-electric Stag blends horsepower, comfort, capability and more into a package that unlocks a new world of outdoor adventure without the drone of the engine ringing in your ears.

Peak performance

Electric UTVs are on the rise, especially for those who want performance without the noise. Imagine pulling into your hunting area and having your UTV notify every deer within the forest that you are there. The on-demand four-wheel drive Stag provides the ride in with only the soft whir of the electric motor and the sound of the tires on the ground. It was designed and built by outdoor enthusiasts in Round Rock, Texas using completely waterproof electric motor components built by General Motors. The Stag pumps out class-leading 125 HP and 265 FT LB of torque, and if you opt for the Overboost mode and paddle shift package, you can bump that up to over 140 horses, letting you run up to 80 MPH. Want that in a gas motor and you’d need a turbocharger and a lot more noise.

Outdoor Adventure Awaits with the Volcon Stag

The best thing about an electric motor is there is no delay as the motor builds to peak RPMs. You get full usability of the torque and power directly from the start, giving you better hook up, acceleration and towing. This gives you the power you need, when you need it, to clear trail obstacles, climb up rocky terrain and reach those places others fear to tread. The motor operates in three modes, with ECO being a smooth delivery for optimal power consumption, Sport mode for aggressive driving and faster acceleration and Towing mode giving you full access to the torque for up to 2,000 pounds of towing capability.

The Stag has an expected range of over 100 miles on a single charge. The machine comes with a 7.2 kW on-board charger that allows the vehicle to be fully charged in less than 6 hours using Volcon’s Level 2 charging. This makes that remote hunting spot and/or fishing hole completely within reach.

Adaptable space

There is plenty of room to haul your gear and family along for the adventure. The Stag seats four people with comfortable seating and complete wrap-around protection from the frame. The sturdy roll cage helps give you the confidence to explore more vigorous terrain, letting you worry less about where you’re going and focus more on why you’re going there—because you can. The fixed cargo area provides 13.4 cubic feet of space and up to 1,550 pounds of capacity, but the Stag does something most other UTVs do not—you can expand the cargo area by folding down the rear passenger space. This allows you up to 26.7 cubic feet, giving you more flexibility to bring gear for hunting camp, or haul in your fishing kayaks for a backwater adventure on the little lake you’ve been craving to explore.

Outdoor Adventure Awaits with the Volcon Stag

Enjoy the ride as much as the adventure

One thing the Volcon Stag does better than any comparable machine is provide the ultimate in ride comfort and quality. The Stag rolls on BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3 tires wrapped around beadlock wheels. These tires provide optimal traction while actually helping preserve battery life. The beadlock wheels work to reduce flats, so you can rest assured that the Stag will take you there and get you back home. Helping with the comfort and feel of the machine, the Stag has fully independent front and rear suspension and adjustable shocks to take on the roughest terrain. The shocks let you adjust the ride quality to your personal liking, which is a major plus. Who wants to go back into a secluded deer camp but have the ride in beat all the enjoyment out of you? The Stag’s class-leading suspension makes that a thing of the past.

Outdoor Adventure Awaits with the Volcon Stag

The Volcon Stag has a driver-centric cockpit that was developed with two innovative displays providing what Volcon calls Human Machine Integration, or HMI. The key here is to provide full control and visibility for the driver over everything that happens with the machine.

And what is making memories if you can’t relive them later? The Stag has two built-in cameras and the onboard hardware to process video clips of the ride. There is a special rail for additional camera mounts, so you can add your own cameras and film every aspect of the trip. Whether you’re rolling across the Texas countryside, winding you way up a mountain in West Virginia, clawing your way to a scenic overlook in Montana or blasting across an Oregon sand dune, the Volcon Stag is equipped to not only get you there in style and comfort, but help you record the journey to relive for years to come.

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