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The All-Terrain series consists of all break-actions, and they’re made to be abused. If you like the idea of waterfowling with an O/U or double gun, these are worth a look. The metal surfaces are all Cerakoted (even the insides of the receivers and fore-end irons) to inhibit corrosion and abrasion. The guns all have sling swivel studs so you can carry them hands-free while toting gear. Their most unusual feature, though, are the rare earth magnets in the ejectors or extractors. They’re just strong enough to hold a shell, so you can open this gun up at any angle without dropping your shells in the mud. The magnets make loading and unloading a break action in a blind or pit much easier and safer. In 12 and 20 gauge, O/U and side-by-side models. $690 – $1,123.