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For some people, their dogs are their constant companions when at home. Consequently, when it comes time to travel, many like to take their canine friends along for the ride. To do so safely requires a high-quality travel kennel to keep your dog safe and restrained. While wire crates are great for at home or in hotels, some are tough to collapse, store, and transport while traveling in a vehicle. When choosing a travel kennel, consider these three important factors.

Top Pick

Sturdy sliding bolt latches will keep your pooch securely confined. AmazonBasics

Many wire kennels have movable divider panels that allow you to close off part of the kennel space. This is super useful with puppies and young dogs. Many puppies like a smaller cozy area and being able to customize the interior space of the kennel as the dog grows older can save you money in the long run.

Easy Setup

A leak-proof bottom pan takes care of accidents and spilled food and water. MidWest

Portable kennels come in single- and double-door configurations. A single-door kennel may cost less, and they work fine for smaller animals. But if you have a larger pet, a double-door kennel makes it easier on the animal to get in and out, and easier on you to add food, water, or give medicines to a sick pooch.

Puppy Friendly

This product, at three feet in diameter, is perfect for the tiniest, furriest members of your family. Zampa

If you’re looking for a travel kennel that will allow your dog to easily play outside on the grass, a portable exercise playpen might be the ticket. Unlike a dog crate, these are designed to fold flat and go up quickly for when you’re visiting friends and family or need to temporarily confine your pet to a specific area.