Brush-stopping clothing is a must for upland bird hunting, as any upland hunter will amply attest, particularly if he’s already tried navigating the blackberry patches or greenbrier in blue jeans. Thick brush and grasslands are where you find the birds, and you need clothing that stops and sheds flesh-shredding thorns, prickers, burrs, and other hitchhikers, as well as sharp-edged grasses. Breathable and water-repellent materials are additional plusses. So is not getting lost! These four gift ideas are sure to keep your upland bird hunting dad happy.

Durable Brush Pants

These upland field pants are both washable and water-repellent. Carhartt

These brush pants are reinforced in front and around the lower leg areas for maximum resiliency and to make it easier to slip through thick brush and brambles. They have a comfortable fit and are durable enough to serve your dad through many years of upland brush-busting.

Hunting Chaps

These chaps make a great gift for the upland bird hunting dad who has everything. Dan’s Hunting

Chaps are a great alternative to brush pants. These chaps offer protection from both briars and water, and their 24-inch side zippers and nifty buckle belt attachment make them easy to pull on and off.

Handheld GPS

Help your dad know where he came from, where he’s going, and where he should go, with this Garmin GPS. Garmin

Upland bird hunters, especially those chasing woodcock and grouse in their favored thick habitat, understand what it can mean to get turned around and lose their bearings. This hand-held GPS not only fixes on someone’s location, it tracks movement, gives directions to specific waypoints, and communicates with other units as well as an iPhone. It comes pre-loaded with topo maps for the entire U.S.

Upland Field Jacket

Nothing says “classic” for a bird-hunting dad like this upland field coat. Orvis

A classic upland field jacket is a perfect gift for a bird-hunting dad. This jacket is made with waxed canvas for repelling water and shedding stickers. It has plenty of pockets and a game bag in back. The under-arm ventilation helps regulate body moisture.