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As a serious upland bird and big-game hunter who also does quite a bit of field trialing, I’ve spent my share of time in crummy hotels where there’s no decent food nearby and a long drive each morning and evening to and from the hunting grounds. To add insult to injury, some hotels don’t allow dogs—and some that do leave you feeling less safe than you would like.

As I was planning a recent field trial trip to Hubbard, Texas, I found myself nearly out of options. My choices were a bad Airbnb option, a subpar motel about 10 miles away that had little room for dog crates, or a 35-mile drive to the nearest Motel 6, which would leave me with an extra 45 minutes on the road, plus gas burned, twice a day. Out of desperation, I decided to try to find a camper trailer to rent. I’d already been toying with purchasing one sometime in the next few years, so maybe giving it a try by renting was the smart thing to do.

That weekend in Hubbard turned out to be one of the most enjoyable field trials I’ve attended, thanks largely to having full-service living quarters right on the grounds. Here are a few reasons why hunters and fishermen should consider renting a camper trailer or RV for their next adventure.

Say Goodbye Fleabag Motels and Fast Food

If you haven’t stayed in a cheap motel and eaten bad fast food on a camping, hunting or fishing trip, you’ve likely not been participating in outdoor sports for very long. A rented trailer gives you and your family a place to stay with comfortable beds, a clean restroom, and plenty of space to lounge. Even better, most have a complete kitchen so you can enjoy home-cooked meals instead of fast food if you so choose.

A Camper Gives You More Freedom and Flexibility

Since you can do what you want with your trailer (within reason), you’re not tied down by hotel rules or location restraints. At the field trial, my wife was able to set up her sewing machine on the dining table and work on quilts while also watching the people, horses, and dogs at the breakaway point. Plus, I had a place to sit in the shade and enjoy a cold drink when taking a break. With her being able to enjoy her favorite activity while I participated in mine, everyone had more fun. And we saved a couple of hours a day by not having to drive back and forth to and from a hotel.

Rental Campers and RVs Are Budget Friendly

The prices of rental campers and RVs range from very reasonable to way more money than most of us would ever consider paying per night. That’s because they have a wide range of sizes, amenities, and special features. As with hotel rooms, the nicer camper you rent, the more it is likely to cost. But also, like motel rooms, you usually get what you pay for. If you don’t need a 35-footer with an outdoor kitchen and shower, look at smaller trailers with not quite as many fancy amenities. There’s no use paying for features you’re not likely to use.

One of the best advantages of a camper is you set camp closer to where you’re hunting or fishing than you could if you booked a hotel. Mark Chesnut

They’re Easy to Find and Rent

There are several Airbnb-type services that broker the rental of personally owned camper trailers and RVs, so you don’t have to rent one from an RV rental business. We found during an online search and used the search function to find trailers available in our area on the dates we needed. I narrowed the search with a maximum nightly rate and pets allowed and within an hour had reserved a 29-foot trailer, with everything we needed, for $75 a night. Other businesses that facilitate privately-owned rentals include and Or, you can contact local RV dealers, as many of them offer rentals as well as sales.