So, you know someone who loves hiking but don’t know what to get them for a gift? Picking a good gift for hikers isn’t as difficult as you might think. Aside from the requisite hiking boots, there are many smaller items that come in handy while on the trail. If you’re shopping and need some starting points, you won’t go wrong with these three ideas.


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Hammocks are all the rage these days, and there’s little wonder why: All you need to enjoy a little rest is two trees to attach the tethers. A hammock can be especially handy for hikers for a number of reasons. For one thing, they are extremely lightweight, so it is easy for your anyone to carry one while hiking without adding a lot of weight to a pack. They’re also handy for providing a bit of rest when it’s time to stop for a rest break or snack. Many hammocks these days are suitable for overnight slumber. In fact, sleeping in a hammock instead of a tent is both comfortable and practical if the weather is nice.



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While good-quality socks are important for all types of outdoor recreation, they’re especially critical for hiking since blisters and otherwise uncomfortable feet typically don’t lead to happy hikes. Socks made from a blend of manmade fibers like polyester and spandex provide plenty of cushion, while also wicking moisture, in the form of perspiration, away from feet. It’s that moisture that usually causes blisters, the bane of hikers everywhere. Lightweight socks are great for hiking during the summer. But during the colder months, heavier socks will keep your feet warm while also keeping them dry, comfortable and happy. And what hiker doesn’t love happy feet!



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A good hiking hat can be hard to find, and not just because you forgot where you stored it in the closet. For a hat to be effective, it should have a wide enough brim to not only shade someone’s face, but also keep the sun off the back of their neck and provide UV protection to the rest of the head. This will not only help wearers avoid sunburn, it will ensure nobody gets skin cancer or other skin diseases years from now. A good hiking hat is made out of materials that will be comfortable to wear and also wick moisture away from the head when hiking on a hot day.