Three Ways to Sharpen a Knife

A knife isn’t good for much if It has a dull blade.

sharpening a knife
Most sharpeners are easy to use and let you put a clean, sharp edge on a dull knife in little time.KitchenIQ

Nobody likes to use a dull knife for a chore when a sharp knife nearly always works much better. Yet not everyone has the proper tools for putting a perfect edge on their knives. Whether you are using a knife for hunting, fishing, or in the kitchen, you’ll want to ensure all your blades are sharp all of the time. Here are three ways you can make it happen.

Electric Sharpener

Chef’sChoice 15 Trizor
This electric knife sharpener will work on both straight and serrated edges.Chef's Choice

A good electric knife sharpener can allow you to put a nice edge on your knife blades without having to know how to use a whetstone or other manual sharpening device. They are also easier to use if someone has diminished arm and hand strength. The best electric knife sharpeners have multiple sharpening stages for different purposes. The first stage, usually a diamond abrasive sharpener, is used to begin sharpening the blade. The later stage, which is a less abrasive blade, hones the edge and polishes the blade to perfection.

Manual Sharpener

KitchenIQ 50009 Edge Grip 2-Stage Knife Sharpener
This manual sharpener features a non-slip base for added control and safety.KitchenIQ

Manual sharpeners are popular with people who like to do things themselves. They allow more control over the angle of the blade compared to an electric sharpener, and many people just feel like they can get a better edge with a manual sharpener. Many types of manual sharpeners are available, ranging from old-fashion whetstones, to ceramic V-sticks, to those with the sharpening apparatus built into the body of the sharpener in a V-shape for safety and ease of use. Many manual sharpeners also have more than one stage—again, an early abrasive stage for removing the old edge, followed by stages that hone and polish the blade.

Handheld Sharpener

Global 2-Stage Handheld Knife Sharpener
This handheld sharpener has a coarse stage for replacing edges and a fine stage for honing and polishing.Global

Handheld sharpeners are probably the handiest type of sharpener because many are small and you can take one anywhere you hunt, fish, or do whatever other activities you enjoy outside. When a knife gets dull, instead of continuing to use it ineffectively, just take out your handheld sharpener and put a new, sharp edge on it. Even though many are tiny, the best handheld sharpeners also have more than one sharpening stage. As with their larger counterparts, an early stage is used for replacing the dull edge, with a later stage honing and polishing the blade. For safety’s sake, look for a handheld sharpener that allows you to position your hand in such a way that you can’t easily cut yourself when sharpening a knife.