It’d been a while. So long that I’d almost forgotten that feeling. It hit me as I was standing on the bank of a canal, holding a .223 and waiting for the bull alligator to break the surface for air. If all went to plan, this would be our third tagged gator of the day. I did my job on the first two, which is to say I stayed the hell out of the way. Those hunts were wild to watch, but I can’t honestly say I felt much during the action. That all changed once it was my turn.

After the gator was solidly hooked, I took the rifle and moved to the edge of the bank. As I waited, I could hear and make out all that was happening around me, but there was a dullness to the sounds—like the aural equivalent of tunnel vision. And my adrenaline peaked to the point where I felt like I’d swigged a shot of iron. It was all pretty damn intense. Then the gator surfaced, and the gunshot brought me back to Earth.

I’d had that feeling on other hunts before, but as we drove back in the gator-loaded side-by-side, it dawned on me just how long it’d been since I last felt it. And how much I had missed that feeling. I was reminded then, after 16 months of lockdown, just how good it feels to experience this kind of escape—to spend time in a wild place where wild thrills can still surprise you.

In the spirit of getting back to spending more time in wild places, of escaping, today I’m excited to share with you our Great Escapes issue, the first edition of our brand-new, fully digital magazine. You’ll find that theme of breaking away and getting outside—be it a far-flung adventure or a close-to-home trip—in nearly every page of the issue. Here are a few teaser-highlights:

  • David E. Petzal on the last true adventure on Earth
  • Bill Heavey pays the price on a turkey hunt
  • T. Edward Nickens and a pal share a jackrabbit hunting camp

In addition to the great stories in our first issue, subscribers will also get access to 12 years of back issues in the F&S archives where you can enjoy some of the best tales from the history of the magazine. All F&S subscribers will also get a bonus subscription to the all-new digital edition of Outdoor Life. With all that said, here’s how you can access the latest issue of F&S:

How to Read the Digital Edition of F&S

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Survival photo
A new adventure story by T. Edward Nickens in the Great Escapes issue.

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