This has got to be one of the most intense videos I’ve ever seen. In 2016, saturation diver Paolo Eduardo was diving 721 feet beneath the surface off the coast of Brazil performing a repair of underwater equipment—when something unexpected occurred. The following sequence of events was captured on camera by a remotely operated vehicle:

A swordfish comes out of nowhere on a beeline at the diver. The fish sinks its bill into the back of the diver, where it gets stuck in the diving equipment. When the diver realizes what has happened, he quickly returns to a diving bell used to transport divers to and from deep depths. The fish continues thrashing for the entirety of the video and reportedly wiggled free just before Eduardo entered the diving bell. See it for yourself below.

According to Divernet, the swordfish was around 5 feet long—on the smaller side for the species. Eduardo’s SLS rebreather was damaged but his gas supply did not fail. Thankfully, Eduardo escaped from the incident unharmed.

“We think the fish was attracted by a combination of the lights—because at that depth it would of course normally be pitch-black—possibly in conjunction with the shiny things,” Fugro Brasil subsea services director Andy Seymour told Divernet. “It was a very unusual operational incident and we were relieved that both the guy and the fish were swimming around at the end of it.”

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