The last time I wrote an Editor’s Letter came as we were finishing work on the 125th Anniversary Issue of Field & Stream. In that column, I reflected on how rare it is for a magazine to survive, and thrive, for that long. I also shared that I wasn’t entirely sure what the next phase of Field & Stream’s legacy—the beginning of the next 125 years, if you will—would look like. 

Well, now I do. And I’m excited to share this news with you: Field & Stream is going to be a digital magazine. 

You might be wondering: What does a “digital magazine” mean? Great question. For starters, instead of having issues delivered to your mailbox, they’ll conveniently come to where you already consume so much F&S content every day—to your phone, tablet, or computer. A digital edition also lends itself to a sleeker and more interactive design than a print magazine ever could, opening the door to video, audio, animation, and other dynamic add-ons that will enhance your experience with the magazine. 

At the risk of sounding like a “But wait, there’s more!” infomercial spokesman—there is, in fact, more.

With your digital subscription to Field & Stream, you’ll get access to the F&S archives where you can enjoy many of the best and most famous stories from the history of the magazine. All F&S subscribers will also get a bonus subscription to the all-new digital edition of Outdoor Life magazine. Four times a year, both editorial teams will produce editions that are jam-packed with unique and thrilling outdoor stories. Check out this announcement on the first digital edition on for directions on how to access, or purchase, your subscription to the digital edition

the 125th anniversary issue of field and stream
The cover from the 125th Anniversary Issue of F&S. Field & Stream

I’m tempted to share some details about what we (and Outdoor Life) have planned for our first digital editions, due to drop in early June, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Get excited, though… Till then, I’d encourage you to continue to enjoy the great content we’re publishing every day on F&S.com, on Facebook and Instagram, and our weekly newsletter

The final thought I shared in the Editor’s Letter I wrote for the 125th Anniversary Issue was a promise: That whatever changes were in store for F&S, they would never change our commitment to great stories—to writing so good, it lives forever. These digital editions are a change—but an exciting one with the same heart and soul that’s gone into every issue of Field & Stream for the past 126 years. And so, as we begin this next exciting phase in Field & Stream’s legacy, I cannot wait to make good on that promise to you.

Colin Kearns, Editor-in-Chief