Some people just don’t seem to understand that it’s not a good idea to approach wildlife, let alone a massive bull moose. This video shows exactly what can go wrong when a phone-wielding tourist ignores this advice to get up close and personal with an unpredictable wild animal. 

The video was posted on October 12 on the @touronsofnationalparks Instagram page. Its origin isn’t clear, and the caption doesn’t say where it was initially captured. But, the footage is too good not to share. 

A bull moose is lying on some grass, minding its own business, when the tourist approaches from the right of the frame. The man gets to within 10 yards of the giant moose before it turns toward him and begins to charge.

Then the tourist screams and dives on the ground, presumably playing possum. The bull stops short of stomping him with its front hooves and just stares the man down before plodding away. The tourist stays prone on the ground, brings his smart phone back up to his face, and the short clip cuts out.

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While the incident is damn funny to watch—it could have ended up way worse had the moose followed through with its challenge. Here are three other cases where tourists played with fire by getting way too close to wild animals.

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