A resident of Chilliwack, British Columbia captured amazing footage of a bobcat attempting to fight off an attacking cougar at the very top of a towering cedar tree. Tammy Jordan was making dinner is her Frasier Valley home last Friday when she saw the wildcats duking it out from her kitchen window.

At first, Jordan thought the struggling bobcat was a raccoon, she told CTV News. Then she took out her binoculars for a better look. “I never heard the cougar making noise,” Jordan told CTV, “but the bobcat was definitely hissing and growling. I really hope he got away. But it was pretty cool.”

It’s tough to make out the cougar in Jordan’s short video clip, but a still frame that she posted to Facebook clearly shows the larger cat lunging up the tree as the bobcat attempts to swat it away. As the footage ends, the bobcat is still seen clinging to the tree’s tallest branch.

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It’s hard to say how the confrontation ended, but local wildlife expert Mollie Cameron told CTV that she didn’t like the bobcat’s prospects for survival. “If the cougar got any one of its paws on it,” she said, “it more than likely was a very quick death for that bobcat.”

A typical adult bobcat weighs about 30 pounds and can measure up to three feet in length. Cougars, by contrast, can easily exceed 150 pounds and stretch to more than seven feet long. According the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife, cougars are one of the only predators, aside form humans, that are capable of killing a full grown bobcat.