It’s no secret that coyotes are master whitetail hunters. And a recent video out of Canada shows just how efficient the predatory canines can be when running down deer in wide-open terrain.

The short clip took off two days ago after @natureismetal shared it on Instagram. It starts with a large coyote chasing what looks like a young whitetail doe through a manicured fairway. When the ‘yote outmaneuvers and catches up to the deer, it goes straight for the jugular.

The coyote brings the deer down in a matter of seconds and starts thrashing at its throat while onlookers react with mixed emotions. “Nat Geo!” shouts one excited person from behind the camera. Others seem saddened by the wild turn of events.

According to the caption, the event took place on a golf course in Canmore, Alberta—a community of about 14,000 people south of Banff National Park. Coyotes are found throughout Alberta. In fact, the coyote’s range extends across the entire North American continent, as far south as Panama.

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The National Park Service calls the coyote an “opportunistic predator” and says the species will feed on everything from fruit and grass to frogs, insects, snakes, and small rodents—as well as whitetail deer. Unlike wolves, which pursue prey in packs, coyotes tend to hunt solo. As this video shows, they’re adept at running down young deer in open areas.