Think you’re safe from aggressive wild animals when you’re on the ski slopes? Think again.  

Video footage captured earlier in February shows a massive moose hurtling down a popular ski run. The unexpected incident took place at Wyoming’s Jackson Hole Mountain Resort—one of the most renowned ski mountains in North America.  

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Facebook videos taken by a group of friends Alex Momot, Billy Fohey, and Kenny Rynearson show several angles of the moose galloping full-speed down a groomed ski slope.  “Oh s***! It’s chasing Kenny,” one of the men can be heard saying. “Go faster!” 

“I caught a little bit of air, and the moose was within ten feet of me,” Fohey told Good Morning America. “I was moving pretty fast—as was the moose…In the moment, [I was surprised] knowing that type of animal can be very aggressive.” 

The footage shows the moose come within several feet of multiple skiers and snowboarders as it descends the mountain, nearly reaching the ski resort’s base area. Eventually, it veered off into the woods. Nobody was hurt in the incident.  

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While this incident is admittedly shocking, it’s far from the first time a wild animal has gone rogue on a ski slope. Below are three similar occurrences.  

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