Nature will never stop surprising you. This recent video is proof. It shows one of the wildest—and most unexpected—scenes in recent memory: A snapping turtle trying to kill a Canada goose. 

The incident was shared on November 7 by Nature is Metal, an Instagram page that compiles gory and shocking wildlife videos. The page cites a private Instagram account known as “oneandonlydonie” as the original poster of the video. Nature is Metal did not disclose the location or date of the video. But, it’s quite the sight to behold. 

The footage begins showing a Canada goose partially submerged in the water, vainly flapping its wings. The videographer approaches the struggling critter—and it soon becomes obvious what’s holding it down: A snapping turtle has latched down on one of its feet. 

“My guess is the turtle was probably waiting for a while for something delicious to come by, and when the goose’s foot entered the danger zone, he went at it full bore,” explains Nature is Metal in the caption. “The problem is, once a snapping turtle’s jaw is fully engaged, as this one seems to be, it doesn’t tend to let go until the movement of its prey gets less frantic.”

The video ends in the midst of the struggle, with the goose attempting to flap its way to safety, towing the turtle across the pond in the process. It’s unclear whether the honker eventually escaped. 

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According to Brittanica, the common snapping turtle is widespread across North America. The species typically has a shell 8 to 12 inches long and weighs up to 35 pounds. It’s omnivorous, but prefers to prey on small animals. 

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This incident isn’t the first time snapping turtles have been blamed for attempting—and failing —to take down waterfowl. According to the Daily Pilot, wildlife officials in California are blaming a snapping turtle for mutilating five ducks and geese at a public park over the course of a year.