A recent Youtube video shows two men grabbing what appears to be a large red stag by its 5X5 antlers and hoisting it out of a well. According to Viral Hog—the Youtube account that shared the video—the incident took place on September 30 near Guadalajara, Mexico. You can watch the footage for yourself below.

The video begins with a zoomed-in shot of the stag neck deep in murky well water. The animal is flailing around with no apparent escape route when a man in a blue T-shirt walks up and grabs it by the antlers. Two onlookers can be heard giving instructions in Spanish from behind the camera.

Straining hard, the blue-shirted man manages to yank the large stag’s head and neck up onto an embankment before a companion runs over to help. The two men then work together to pull the deer out of its predicament while it kicks and flails violently.

After several seconds of sustained effort, the men pull the stag’s entire body onto the safety of dry land. “One day watching the rut, we found this deer trapped,” the caption reads. “We did not hesitate at any time to help him and get him out, it was an unforgettable day.”

The men back away quickly once the visibly exhausted stag is on the ground heaving for air. When it doesn’t get up and run away on its own, they grab hold of the antlers and begin pulling again. With its rear haunches completely off the lip of the well, the stag stands up and runs away while the men cheer with excitement. The entire rescue effort lasted less than a minute.

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Red stags, also known as red deer, can be found on certain high-fence hunting operations throughout Mexico. Similar in appearance but smaller than a typical North American elk, stags are famous for their throaty, growl-like mating call. They’re a common game species in New Zealand, where they were imported for hunting purposes in 1851.