Two men saved a mule deer from a potentially life-threatening predicament recently, and the daring rescue effort was captured on camera. The incident occurred on November 25 along U.S. Highway 26, between the towns of DuBois and Riverton, Wyoming. Watch the footage for yourself below.

According to Cowboy State Daily, a Wyoming-based news outlet that shared the story and the footage, the men (identified only as “Clay and Mike”) used wire cutters to free the deer after spotting its struggle from the highway. The video shows the duo approaching as the muley bucks violently in an effort to break free from the fence. Then one of the men grabs hold of the struggling deer’s rack while the other tosses a coat over the its head and pushes down on its back with his hand.

After a few tense seconds, they managed to free the deer from its entanglement. The video ends as it bounds away through the snow, seemingly uninjured.

“Usually with a buck or bull, they can be aggressive. But he submitted right away when they threw a jacket over his head. I think that deer had been there a while,” eyewitness Annie Boedigheimer-Beaumont told Cowboy State Daily. Boedigheimer-Beaumont filmed the rescue and posted it to Instagram and Facebook the following day.

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According to Boedigheimer-Beaumont, the landowner granted the group permission to enter the field and rescue the deer after shutting off power to the electric fence. An avid hunter who visits Wyoming regularly from her home state of Oregon, Boedigheimer-Beaumont said she’s friends with the two men in the video and just happened to be driving down Highway 26 when they stopped to free the buck.

“Our guys did … such an amazing good deed in saving this Mule Buck,” she wrote in her original Instagram caption. “It [will] live to see hopefully many more days. What an awesome experience.”