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This article originally appeared on Popular Science.

While pre-fab tiny houses have taken over HGTV programming and helped spawn the twin trends of aesthetic van living and extreme minimalism, the concept is more practical than its reputation as a fashionable lifestyle choice would indicate. When you buy a prefabricated home, the structure is built offsite and then shipped to wherever you want it to be built. That means these homes can cost a fraction of what it takes to build or buy a traditional house, and takes way less time to construct. Plus, when you’re working with a smaller footprint, you need less valuable land, meaning you have more flexibility about where you end up.

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Weizhengheng Expandable Prefab Container House

Solar and wind energy. Amazon

The Weizhengheng container house is a modern prefab modular home with a ton of bells and whistles. It is constructed out of 20-foot shipping container. A built-in hydraulic system allows occupants to expand the size of the home using the included remote control. When folded, it is 87 x 228 x 98-inches. Expanded, the home is 94-inches wider. It’s a sweet option for people that want a small second home or a spot for guests to stay on your property.

The structure is made of galvanized light steel. The steel roof has a 60mm-thick sandwich panel and rock wool insulation. On top of the panels, the tiny home has eight solar panels and wind power system. Of course, you can always just plug into the grid if you have access.

On the inside, decorative PVC board on the interior with energy-efficient bulbs throughout the unit. The interior walls of the expandable home are made of a 30mm thick honeycomb sandwich panel with rock wool insulation. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow inhabitants to enjoy the surrounding view. They also let in tons of natural light in, so you won’t feel like you’re in a shipping container. It has a heavy steel door makes the home secure.

Within the furnished home, there’s a fully functioning bathroom—sink, shower, and toilet—and a functional, but small, kitchen area. In the kitchen, you’ll find a sink, refrigerator, and enough storage space for essentials. It also features a couch, a dining area with table and benches, and an air conditioner to regulate temperature.

The living room wall folds down to reveal the full-height glass windows and create an outdoor deck area with canopy roof for people that want a covered outdoor area. The house comes with an instructional manual to set up and operate it safely.

MODS 40 Foot Tiny Home

Comes with everything you’ll need. Amazon

Like the Weizhengheng, the 40-foot—320 square feet—MODS home is built inside a shipping container. The structure is eight feet wide, eight and a half feet tall, and weighs a total of 12,930 pounds. There are five windows lining the container, so you won’t miss the sunlight. To get into the house, walk through 7.5 x 7.5-foot steel French doors. This leads to a living room and kitchenette area where you’ll find a leather couch, two-person dining area, floor lamps, microwave, stainless steel sink, and a 4.6-cubic foot refrigerator.

Inside the bathroom, there’s Kohler toilet, vanity cabinet to store your toiletries, 32 x 32-inch shower, and a sink. It has a six-gallon hot water heater, electric baseboard heating, and air conditioner. Unlike the Weizhengheng, this unit is split, and has a separate room for the bedroom, that comes with two bunk beds. Of course, you can remove these and put in a bigger bed.

Six-inch thick fiberglass insulation helps regulate temperature, which can lower the already-cheap utility bills. The 1.5-inch plywood floor has a slip-resistant Hawthorne Hickory laminate wood veneer. A single hatch in the back allows you access to sewer, electrical, and water connections.

Tiny Home, Titan Park Model Homes Baja RV home

Home on the move. Amazon

Tiny Home, Titan Park Model Homes’ 399-square-foot RV home comes on wheels, so it’s easy to move to a new location. RV homes can be hooked up to the back of your car and driven to RV campsites around the country. In addition to the mobility, this is also the most luxurious option on the list.

The high ceilings, makes it feel spacious. The front door leads to an open kitchen and living room area packed with windows to let in natural light. This is the only home with a full stove and fridge. There is even an option to include a stackable washer/dryer unit. The bedroom has two closets and the bathroom features a 60-inch deep shower, sink, and toilet. On the outside of the unit, there is a fully covered front porch perfect for sitting outside and reading. A mono-sloped roof helps rain and snowfall off.