Three Reasons You Need a Wood Stove Fan

Got a wood stove? A wood stove fan could help it heat your home more efficiently.

fire logs burning
Get the most out of your hot coals by using a wood stove fan to circulate heat throughout your house or cabin.Fabienne Filippone via Unsplash

Heat rises. You no doubt recall this from your high school physics class. The problem in a house is, of course, it rises and just stays there, especially in the room where it’s generated. Huddling around the wood stove might be cozy and possibly even romantic, but the romance wears off real quick when the bedroom sheets are icy and everyone’s got popsicle toes. Fans designed specifically for wood stoves can make a dramatic difference in full home comfort as well as saving you money.

1: Heats House Faster

Voda stove fan
Fans like this one are automatic and will turn as long as your stove is hot. Others are powered and controlled by on/off switches.Amazon

Rising heat pools along the ceiling. Without air currents to move it, the heat will stratify in the highest places as stay there, which warms the stove room nicely but doesn't help with the rest of the house. A well-designed fan system matched to your wood stove will get that hot air circulating much faster throughout your house or hunting cabin, even if you don't have electricity.

2: Greater Efficiency

Ecofan stove fan
This model also converts heat from your stove into the electricity it needs to turn its fan.Amazon

Not only will a fan help heat your house faster, it heats it faster for the same amount of wood, which means you end up using and buying (or cutting) less fuel.

3: Longer-Lasting Comfort

Hearth stove blower
This electric-powered blower features variable heat-controlled settings that you can customize.Amazon

A wood burning stove fan helps keep the warm air circulating even after the fire has burned out. The warm stove continues to radiate heat, which continues to be circulated, keeping the house comfortable longer after the fire's gone.