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Tough hunts demand a tough boot. The last thing you want—or need—when scrambling over scree or side-hilling a steep rocky bluff in pursuit of a mule deer, whitetail, or elk is to realize your footwear isn’t remotely up to the task. Have no fear, LaCrosse is here. The manufacturer’s designers know good boots are as important to the success of a hunt as a properly sighted-in rifle. That’s why the premium Atlas boot has been specially designed to let you push deep into deer and elk country by providing durability, stability, and support, each of which is a vital consideration when traversing uneven ground.

lacrosse atlas muddy boots
The Atlas boots are 100 percent waterproof and durable even in the nastiest conditions. LaCrosse

In such terrain, your heel absolutely needs to stay in place in order to give you the required stability and to prevent the friction that causes blisters and ruins hunts. The Atlas features a special exterior DuraFit molded rubber heel cup that locks the heel tightly in place. LaCrosse designers also extended that cup halfway up the back of the boot. This extension provides enhanced support around the ankle, something anyone who has negotiated a boulder field will appreciate.

The outsole uses an LXG rubber compound developed by LaCrosse that delivers superior traction and grip in both dry and wet conditions. And the InfiniTrac outsole lugs adapt to terrain for even more stability. Think of it as your own personal four-wheel-drive system. This kind of traction also works for hunters who must climb slippery treestand ladders.

LaCrosse Atlas Boot
The Atlas is available in four different models: Non-insulated brown (pictured), 400G of insulation in Mossy Oak Break-Up, 800G in Realtree Edge, and 1200G in Mossy Oak Break-Up. LaCrosse

In addition, a cushioning polyurethane footbed and a thick midsole made of rubberized EVA work together to provide superior shock absorption, an important design feature when you’re going to be on your feet all day long. LaCrosse also added an abrasion-resistant molded rubber toe cap. Finally, the Nubuck leather upper (available in brown and camo versions) delivers all-day comfort and durability as well.

Every Atlas boot has a Dry-Core waterproof lining that makes the boot completely waterproof. Furthermore, this breathable liner features a special barrier that while locking out water allows moisture to escape, further assuring dry feet. Insulated versions utilize Primaloft insulation to keep your feet comfortable in colder weather. Boots are available in 400-, 800-, and 1,200-gram models.

The 8-inch-high boots weigh only a bit more than three pounds. That’s a lot or performance in a lightweight package.

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