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Turkey this, turkey that. We all have that one turkey hunting fanatic in our lives (or maybe that’s you). Even if they already have a bunch of calls, a tried-and-true vest, and their trusty shotgun, there are still plenty of awesome turkey hunting gift ideas they’d be happy to receive. Maybe it’s the popular Sitka turkey tool belt. Maybe it’s a set of WoodHaven mouth calls. Or maybe it’s a gourmet wild turkey cookbook for the foodies among us.

From vests and boots to ammo and decoys, we’ve rounded up the best turkey hunting gifts this year. No matter their level of experience, if they’re heading out in the woods this spring, any turkey hunter would love all these picks.

Sitka Turkey Tool Belt

The Sitka turkey tool belt is one of the coolest pieces of turkey hunting gear this year. Compact and lightweight, it looks like a hip pack but functions like a vest. The low profile minimizes bulk yet the roomy interior has plenty of storage space for your calls and other essentials. It even has a removable seat pad to keep you comfortable on long sits or dry on dewy mornings.

WoodHaven Mouth Call

Of all the turkey calls out there, our experts are big fans of WoodHaven mouth calls. One of our writers and longtime turkey hunter Jace Bauserman says the Ninja Ghost is his go-to diaphragm. He likes that it’s easy to use and blow and that it can replicate all hen sounds, from yelps to rasps. It’s as good for a beginner caller as it is for an experienced veteran.

LaCrosse Grange Hunting Boots

You can’t beat a good pair of turkey hunting boots, and the Lacrosse Grange is one of the most iconic pairs with a long legacy of performance in the woods. Made of thick rubber, they’re 100 percent waterproof with an adjustable top strap that fits seamlessly around your calf. They’re surprisingly comfortable for all-day hunts and treks across any terrain, and have ample non-slip traction to help you keep your footing.

Browning Maxus II Semi-Auto Shotgun

A brand new shotgun isn’t cheap, but it’s definitely well worth the splurge if you want to give your turkey hunting friend something they’ll really cherish. We’ve had the opportunity to test out a bunch of turkey shotguns over the years, and the Browning Maxus II continues to be one of our favorites. It’s soft-shooting and has just the right balance of light weight and heft. Bonus: It’s versatile enough to use for other species, too, throughout the year.

Sitka Equinox Turkey Vest

Year after year and season after season, we keep coming back to the Sitka Equinox as the best turkey vest. Lightweight, comfortable, and completely adjustable, it has a lot going for it, especially for run and gun turkey hunters. Most importantly, it’s got pockets galore, with plenty of room to hold all your gizmos and gadgets (a.k.a. your calls, shotshells, etc.) and keep them organized and secure.

The Turkey Book

Jesse Griffiths is one of the most talented wild game chefs in America. Based in Austin, Texas, he owns and runs a restaurant called Dai Due, where he serves regional dishes prepared with hyper-local ingredients, including deer and hogs hunted in the Texas Hill Country. An avid hunter himself, Griffiths loves teaching the finer points of butchering and wild game cooking through his cookbooks and his New School of Traditional Cookery. This March, he has a new book coming out that’s solely dedicated to hunting and cooking America’s favorite game bird.

I had a chance to see an advance copy of the “The Turkey Book: A Chef’s Guide to Hunting and Cooking America’s Bird”, and I was blown away—not just by the recipes, which utilize all parts of the bird, but by the photos, and the stories of Griffith’s turkey hunting adventures around the country. This book belongs on the shelf of any turkey hunter who appreciates a good hunting story and is looking to take their culinary game to the next level. —Travis Hall

Meater Plus Smart Meat Thermometer

On the theme of cooking your prized turkey, the Meater Plus thermometer is a fantastic gift for any home cook. I own the smart wireless meat thermometer and can honestly say it’s a game-changer when it comes to grilling, smoking, roasting, or baking. The completely wire-free design and incredibly long Bluetooth range allows me to monitor the temperature of my meat right from my phone. No more opening the grill 20 times just to check on it. The Meater Plus also lets you know estimated cook time and remaining time, so you can prep your sides while you wait.

Ameristep Pro Series Extreme View Hub Blind

Roomy, easy to set up, quiet—all things you want in a turkey hunting blind and all things that the Ameristep Pro Series delivers. It provides plenty of protection from wind and rain along with ample space for moving around and staying comfortable on those long mornings. The one-way see-through mesh keeps you concealed, while the 12 silent slide windows are easy and quiet to open.

Indian Creek Black Diamond Strike Turkey Choke

No matter your turkey gun of choice, you’ll want a good choke. We picked the Indian Creek Black Diamond Strike as the best turkey choke we’ve tested thanks to its impressive patterns at both close and far ranges, its snug fit, and its ease of installation and removal. Bonus: It comes in a bunch of models that can fit almost any shotgun.

KUIU Talus Hybrid Pants

Normally, anything I’d have to say about hunting pants that cost more than $200 couldn’t be printed here. You should be able to get three pairs of decent hunting pants for that. But everything cost twice what it should now, and the fact is that I have more than three pairs of only decent hunting pants for turkey hunting—and I don’t wear any of them anymore. Since I got Kuiu’s Talus Hybrid Pant, it’s all I use. If I have a week-long hunt, I just wash them a couple times (or maybe not at all) and wear them every day. Because they’re perfect.

Woven four-way stretch fabric makes them super-comfortable yet tough enough to take anywhere. There’s a waterproof panel in the seat section for sitting on the ground and the same on the lower legs for walking through dewy fields at dawn. The built-in UltraSuede foam-lined kneepads are as perfect for crawling through a ditch as they are for reaping in a cut cornfield. And a pair of zipper vents keeps them from getting too warm. So, yeah, they’re crazy expensive, but if they’re so perfect that they’re the only pants you ever want to turkey hunt in, then they’re probably worth overpaying for. —Dave Hurteau

David Halloran Ebony-and-Black Limba Long Box Call

I generally think of long boxes as having one purpose—to pull gobbles out of distant toms that either can’t hear your other calls or won’t answer them. Something about the scream of a good long box seems to make otherwise close-mouthed birds sound off. David Halloran’s Ebony-and-Black-Limba Long Box does this job as well any I’ve used. What sets it apart, though, is that it does everything else so well, too—and so easily. Open it up, slide the paddle left or right, and perfect yelps jump out. The high side makes loud, clean kee-kee runs, snappy cutts, and piercing yelps like you’d expect a long box to, but the low side is also great for softer, raspier calls, including gobbler yelps. And it’s a beautifully crafted, handmade call, too—the sort that can become an heirloom that you hand down to your kids. —DH

Avian-X LCD Turkey Decoy

Lure in more gobblers with what our experts dubbed the best turkey decoy: the Avian-X LCD Hen. From the body posture to the feather detail, it’s super realistic and lifelike with natural movement. It’s lightweight and collapsible—making it a breeze to tote around—and easy to set up in just a minute or two.

Field & Stream Membership

Call us biased, but we think a membership to the 1871 Club is a pretty dang good gift for any hunter—or any outdoorsperson for that matter. Not only will you get two content-packed print magazines delivered to your doorstep each year, you’ll also get a ton of other member benefits. Those include exclusive merch (like Morgan Wallen’s hat), VIP access to select experiences and products, and discounts galore.

Magnus Bullhead Turkey Fixed Blade Broadhead

Of all the turkey broadheads we’ve used, we consider the Magnus Bullhead fixed blade one of the best. Razor sharp with a large cutting diameter, it’s just what you need for that instant kill when you spot a gobbler. The three blades are made of high quality stainless steel and make for a smooth and accurate flight. Deadly head and neck shots are in your future with this bad boy.

Duck Camp Turkey Hat

Duck Camp is one of our favorite brands here at Field & Stream. We’re especially big fans of their hats. The brand’s classic signature snapback—which features an adjustable fit—comes in a design perfect for the gobbler obsessed. It’s embroidered with a big ol’ turkey on the front and is made with a durable polyester material that will hold up for plenty of seasons to come.

Browning Strutter Turkey Hunting Chair

Sitting on the cold hard ground for hours is no one’s idea of fun. Enter the Browning Strutter turkey hunting chair. Available in either Mossy Oak Country DNA or Realtree Timber camo, it sports a low-profile compact silhouette that’s lightweight and portable along with a padded shoulder strap for easy carrying. The rotating feet allow you to kick back and relax on any terrain.

Custom Yeti Tumbler

A brand new Yeti tumbler makes for a great gift on its own, but add an engraved design and it’s that much better. You can get any of the brand’s drinkware—including the wildly popular Yeti Rambler—customized with this grazing turkeys graphic. It’ll keep their beverage of choice piping hot or ice cold for hours on end.

Turkey Mounting Plaque

Did you even bag a turkey if you don’t display it proudly on your wall? For that, you’ll need a turkey mounting kit, like this one. The natural oak plaque is laser engraved with a turkey and can hold a tail fan, spurs, and up to three beards. Bonus: It’s very easy to assemble and install.

Apex Ammunition 28-Gauge Turkey Tungsten Super Shot

This Apex Ammunition 28-gauge ammo is one of the most underrated turkey loads, making it a great gift for any turkey hunter. It holds pattern further and better than others and, because it’s tungsten, has more killing power. At SHOT Show 2024, Apex also announced a brand new 28-gauge load coming out later this year, so stay tuned.

Wild Turkey Print

Ryan Kirby is one of the greatest wildlife artists out there, and is a longtime illustrator for Field & Stream. So of course, we had to spotlight one of his incredible works of art. This wild turkey print features original drawings along with facts about the four Grand Slam wild turkey subspecies. Printed on quality natural paper, it comes signed by Ryan Kirby and can be framed for an additional cost.