When it comes to shooters, target shooters are among the most avid of all. Whether they prefer pistol, rifle, shotgun, or all three, many regularly go to the range for enjoyment, training, or even therapeutic reasons. In fact, for some gun owners, going to the range can yield the same kind of relaxation others get from quilting or reading. When shopping for a gift for a shooter in your family, you won’t go wrong with these three ideas.


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For those who love going to the range and shooting their pistols and rifles, there’s nothing more fun than shooting reactive steel targets. Sure, punching holes in paper is fun, satisfying, and even therapeutic to some, but the “clang” that occurs when hitting distant steel with a rifle or pistol bullet will put a smile on anyone’s face. From knock-over targets, to hanging steel, to plate racks, steel targets give shooters a lot of bang for their buck. Note, however, that steel targets come in a variety of different qualities and not all are rated for safe shooting with high-powered rifles.

Champion Traps and Targets

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Clay target shooting is among the fastest-growing shooting sports today. One reason why is so many high schools are launching clay target shooting programs and fielding teams in clays competitions. Clay targets are made to fly and be shot at by shotguns, so to enjoy the sport, the shooter in your family needs some way to get them airborne. That’s where clay target throwers come into play. Many types are available, from simple hand-held ones to very extravagant ones that throw targets at different speeds in different directions.

Splatterburst Targets

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Shooting paper targets is also very popular, especially for those who shoot rifles and shotguns. Paper targets can be as simple as a target drawn on a piece of typing paper with a sharpie. But targets made for the purpose are much better. One of the most fun kinds of paper targets is splatter targets. Hits on these instant-feedback targets show up easily to the unaided eye, so shooters can quickly see if their shot went exactly where it was planned or not. Hits show up as a bright color against a dark background. Splatter targets are available in all sorts of sizes, though all are fun to shoot and would be an appreciated gift for the target shooter in your family.