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It’s hard to believe how much faster an electric fillet knife is than a standard fillet knife. The serrated, reciprocating blades slice through scales and tough skin in an instant, sliding along the bones and fins with very little pressure. If you have a cooler full to work through, your hands and arms will appreciate the efficiency. Even if you have just enough for dinner, an electric fillet knife still cuts prep time and they’re very easy to clean.

Top Pick

A trigger guard give users added security, while a stainless steel cutter coating ensures durability. Bubba

A cordless knife gives you plenty of room to roam. Untethered to a power outlet, you can take your blade to the fish dock, the marina, the backyard, even to a distant camping site. Rechargeable knives are super convenient, but once they run out of juice, you run out of cutting power. But for many folks who plan on cutting up a few fish at a time, it’s hard to beat their ease of use.

Great Value

It comes with extra parts and accessories, including a quartet of cutters. Bubba

Many electric knives come with blades of multiple lengths and shapes; a big bonus that helps offset the initial extra cost. By matching the blade length to the fish, you cut more efficiently and with less waste. And depending on the fish, you might choose a more or less flexible blade to run around the spine and ribs to get the most out of your fillets.

Also Consider

This product has a beefy ergonomic handle for fast and safe work at the cleaning station. Rapala

If a rechargeable fillet knife is on your list, look for one built with lithium-ion batteries. These batteries hold their charge longer than others, so you don’t have to worry about losing cutting power as the battery charge falls. Some knives will cut at full power for nearly an hour and a half–and that’s a lot of fish to fry!