1948 winchester model 70
This Model 70 dates back to 1948, and will see its first hunting action in decades this fall. from Vic

I’m not sure we’ve run a Model 70 in Blast from the Past yet, which is a serious omission. It is “the rifleman’s rifle,” after all. We’ll rectify that today with a very nice example of one of the zillions made since 1936. It dates from 1948, which puts it in something of a sweet spot for Model 70s. Many believe those rifles retain pre-WWII finish quality, while being better suited for scope mounting, as the bolts were redesigned and the rear receivers were drilled and tapped on post-war models.

Vic F’s Model 70

This is a Winchester Model 70 manufactured in 1948. It was originally purchased by my great uncle, a WWI medic who later became a medical doctor. It’s chambered in .270 and topped with a Weaver 4x scope, and my great uncle took it to Wyoming frequently to hunt antelope and mule deer. He died in 1967, and my dad’s oldest brother wound up with it. He never hunted with it, so the gun hasn’t been fired in close to 50 years. The bore is beautiful, and after giving it a good cleaning, I’m taking it to the range soon. My plan is to take it whitetail hunting this fall as is, unless the scope won’t hold zero. I’m looking forward to it.

Thanks to Vic for sharing that classic with us, and please keep the old gun picture coming to fsgunnuts@gmail.com.