Winchester’s new XPR is the latest rifle from a major maker that promises first-rate accuracy and solid utility for peanuts. The polymer stock is much like those on similarly inexpensive rifles, as is the polymer magazine. The push-feed bolt is, for all practical purposes, the same as that on the Browning AB3, which does the job just fine. But the real value here lies in the barrel, which is identical to what goes on the M70. The XPR has an InFlex pad that both reduces recoil and helps tame muzzle jump. I also love how solid and positive the safety lever feels, and the bolt-release tab just in front of the safely allows you to work the action with the gun on safe—a great feature. The M.O.A. trigger is also pretty darn good. Bottom line: You get the Winchester name and a lot of utility here for an MSRP of $550, which means you’ll likely find it in store for under $500.

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