Weatherby Mark XXII at Shot Show 2007
Weatherby Mark XXII
The best new Weatherby in years, this distinctive rimfire bolt-action is a joint venture between Weatherby and Anschutz, which is long-noted for its world-beating .22 target rifles. Weatherby has very wisely retained its distinctive stock, which is full adult size, and not scaled down for kids and smaller life forms. I've shot a Mark XXII at some length, and it's a terrific rifle. We'll be doing an "At the Range" report on it in an upcoming issue. Jaime Santa
Neskia at Shot Show 2007
Just in case you’d like something that will shoot really tiny groups, here’s the rifle for you. It’s a Nesika benchrest rifle, built on their “C” action, with a Broughton barrel, a Leonard laminated-wood stock, and Jewell trigger. The rifle is in 6mm PPC, and will, if you can shoot that well, put five shots literally through the same hole at 100 yards. Jaime Santa
Kimber Caprivi at Shot Show 2007
Kimber Caprivi
The Caprivi Strip is a piece of African real estate between Namibia and Botswana. It affords excellent hunting and a chance to get shot at by unpleasant people who want to rob and kill you. It’s also the name Kimber has chosen for its first big-bore rifle, a .375 H&H.; It’s done with all the class and quality that we have come to expect from Kimber. I have some quibbles about some of its features, but that’s not important now. Let us welcome the Caprivi with loud huzzahs, and hope that a .416 Remington and .458 Lott follow in reasonably short order. Jaime Santa
Ed Brown Express at Shot Show 2007
Ed Brown Express
Somewhere, someone must be making better rifles than Ed Brown, but I have no idea who it might be. The Express comes in .375 H&H; and bigger, and is the newest in this line of superb working rifles. It’s a dangerous-game gun that incorporates controlled-round feeding and a dropped magazine (which gives you an extra shot). If you are thinking of irritating something that might stomp your head or bite your buttocks, I most earnestly suggest that you give Mr. Brown a call. If he still made left-hand guns, he would have a hell of a lot of my money. Jaime Santa
Savage Model 10 Predator Hunter and MK II Classic at Shot Show 2007
Savage Model 10 Predator Hunter and MK II Classic
The Model 10 Predator Hunter (top) appealed to me because it’s a varmint rifle that does not require a block and tackle and eight draft horses to lift. It’s just the right weight to carry around and still be very, very accurate. It comes in the usual varmint-shooting calibers. I find the camo to be unfortunate, and trust that Savage will have the good taste to make a version that doesn’t look like swamp grass. The MK II Classic (bottom), on the other hand, is a very handsome .22 that has a very attractive price tag-“just under $500. This is a brand-new rifle for those who want something that is pleasing to the eye and not ruinous to the budget. Jaime Santa
Thompson/Center Icon at Shot Show 2007
Thompson/Center Icon
This brand-spanking-new centerfire bolt-action has so many unusual features that I don’t have space to go into them here. Suffice it to say that it will initially be made in a short-action version for .243, .308, and a new, proprietary cartridge called the .30 TC. More to come on this rifle. Jaime Santa