Sort of…

Early yesterday morning I stuck to my guns and caught the first bluegill of the trip. I really wanted to beat Nate to the first fish of the day and I wanted it to be on a fly. He was flipping crickets near sunken cypress trees in Reelfoot Lake, TN. I, on the other hand had a carp fly that, luckily looked pretty close to a drown cricket. On went a couple of split shots, and whamo – a dinner plate sized bluegill came to the boat. I had to talk smack, and went about singing for a minute or two rubbing it in.

I can do
you can do

For the next couple of hours it was fishing karma played out on a grand scale. Nate tied on a small in-line spinner and went on to reef in fish after fish after fish. I didn’t catch another for the rest of the morning. As I quietly put down the fly rod to pick up a spinning reel I heard Nate mutter something about putting my fairy stick away.

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