More New Guns, Gear, Famous Faces and ... yes ... Babes From Day 3 of the 2011 SHOT Show

The SHOT Show is the largest trade show in the world for shooters and hunters, which means its the best place for our editors to get their hands on new products before they hit the stores. We've asked our writers, including Gun Nuts Phil Bourjaily and David E. Petzal, to search the show floor for the best new guns and gear of 2011. One of the coolest products at the show: Fiocchi's "Canned Heat" 12 gauge tracer rounds contain chemical light sticks that glow in the center of your pattern but give off no heat at all so you won't start a fire downrange. --Phil Bourjaily
Glock had two displays touting new pistols for 2011. The first was the new Gen 4 models of the G26 and G27 subcompact pistols. And the 1911 isn't the only handgun with a memorable birthday this year. Glock celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Glock 17 with this Gen 4 commemorative model (right). --Dave Maccar
Jim Shockey's schedule had him hustling from booth appearance to booth appearance, giving him legitimate claim to the title of the hardest working man in the business. --David Draper
Here's a great tool for those who empty a lot of brass, on indoor or outdoor ranges, especially in grassy areas. The Brass Buggy collection system from Southern Belle Brass uses a roller of rubbery blue "fingers" that grab empty shells and deposit them into a bin. It won't pick up anything smaller than 9mm casings and doesn't do so well on crushed stone, but otherwise it could be a huge timesaver. Retail: $445. --Dave Maccar
Carson Optical enters the riflescope arena with three new models: 4.5x14x44mm; 16x18x50mm; and 3 1/2x10x44mm with mil dot and multiplex reticles. _--Jay Cassell_
From that hotbed of ammo innovation, Latvia, come DDupleks steel slugs. The attached wad prevents steel from touching the bore and the nose is designed to open and fragments into several petals. --Phil Bourjaily
Law Enforcement Targets, Inc displayed these 3-D plastic targets wearing some helpful anatomy-revealing t-shirts. The arms move for different positions and they are constructed from semi self-sealing plastic. The whole thing weighs 19 lbs., has hit sensor pad attachment points molded into the unit and the full-body models retail for $209. Torso targets with arms go for about $189 and the anatomy-scoring t-shirt goes for $3.99. --Dave Maccar
The Gunny was popping up all over the place at SHOT Show. Here he shakes hands, takes photos and signs autographs for fans lined up around several booths at the Team Glock booth, many holding copies of Full Metal Jacket. Earlier in the week, he pulled the same duty over at the SOG booth. --Dave Maccar
LaCrosse has improved on its Alpha boot line, and now has Alpha Mud Lites, with nylon-weave outers, neoprene inners, and a perforated poly foam lining. Available in 31/2 to 7mm, the line comes in camo, black, and brown. --Jay Cassell
Vero Vellini, the venerated sling makers, has three new premium leather slings: wide, contoured, and deluxe padded. --Jay Cassell
Johnny Hotshot was twirling his six-shooters throughout the SHOT show for Italian pistol maker F. LLI Pietta, whose single-actions closely resemble the classic cowboy Colts. Johnny did some simply holstering moves, mimicking several film icons...
...and some more elaborate moves, his hands often a blur... --Dave Maccar
Ameristep comes out with the new Carnivore Blind, made of tough poly cotton. --Jay Cassell
Day 6 Outdoors has a new and improved Plotwatcher, which takes SD cards (no flash drives, thank you) and 8 AA batteries instead of four. It also has a wakeup feature, so you can set it to turn on and off at specific times. --Jay Cassell
Eve Gray was enjoying her very first SHOT experience, taking time away from the Do-All Outdoors booth to explore everything the show had to offer. --David Draper
Advantage Hunting had these modular blinds on display. The Rigid SCENTite blinds are lightweight and, as the name indicates, scent-proof. Fresh air enters the blind through intake ports near the bottom and then drafts your scent and vents it 30 feet above ground level. This Deluxe models starts at about $1,000._ --Dave Maccar_
Yes, outdoor television and country music star Kristy Lee Cook is as beautiful in person as you might imagine. --David Draper
This SUV on steroids from Lenco Armored Vehicles was just too cool. I'm not sure what the practical purpose of this beast, dubbed the BearCat G3, is...but with a body that looks like and armored car and an armored hatch in the roof, something big and loud comes to mind. --Dave Maccar
Pendleton, a 2010 Best of the Best winner, has upgraded its safes to make them more streamlined and totally fireproof. --Jay Cassell
If there was anything at the SHOT Show cooler than this samurai helmet, I didn't see it. --David Draper
Here was a beautiful relic of sorts that stood out amidst all the tricked-out ARs and scope-laden rifles. This is a gold-plated, fully functional 1877 Bulldog Gatling Gun displayed by US Armament Corp. For videos of one of the world's first machine guns in action, check out their site. --Dave Maccar
At LL Bean, the big news is the Technical Big Game vest, with a detachable backpack, electronics pockets, and a padded shoulder pad. LLBean.com_ _--Jay Cassell
Do All Outdoors introduced a line of self-sealing reactive targets that bounce all over the range and can withstand 1000s of bullet impacts. --Phil Bourjaily
TriTronics introduced a very compact and simple beeper collar for upland hunters. --Phil Bourjaily
The Caldwell Deadshot FieldPod hunting rest is made to be taken into the field. --Phil Bourjaily
SOG Specialty Knives (SOG stands for Studies and Observations Group, a covert operation that originated during the Vietnam war), has the new FastHawk Tomahawk, perfect for packing and camping It's like the Fusion tomahawk's little brother...the size of a tack hammer with a nasty head_--Jay Cassell_