How do you survive a wildfire or lightnight strike? What do you do if you're lost in the woods? Learn how to survive in the outdoors from Field & Stream.

The Survival Page

Part of the thrill of spending time in the wild is the unknown—so long as you’re prepared for it. Because what hunters and fishermen don’t know about the wild can kill them. A wrong turn can result in getting lost in the woods. A change in weather can lead to hypothermia. One misstep can leave you injured—miles away from help. Good thing for you Field & Stream has a virtual library of survival tips, skills, and gear hacks to help you survive—and thrive—in any outdoor survival situation.

Here you’ll learn how to build a survival shelter, start a fire in the rain—with just one match—and forage for wild foods. You’ll also find reviews of the best emergency gear and survival kits to carry at all times, whether it’s in your truck or inside your backpack. We love spending time outside hunting and fishing, but the most important outdoor skills are the ones that keep you safe. Consider this page your survival manual, packed with all of the knowledge you’ll need to survive whatever unknowns the wild throws your way.